Student employee working in the Biology Stockroom

Biology Stockroom

The Biology Stockroom in 1211 Weston Hall provides equipment and resources to support teaching and research activities in the department.  The long list of resources accessible through the Stockroom includes such items as waders, kick-nets, GPS units, live traps, snowshoes, spectrophotometers, micropipettes, electrophoresis units, lab glassware, and a large selection of laboratory chemicals.  Certain items (e.g., snowshoes and chest waders) are available to be rented by the broader NMU community.  Reservations for department vehicles (see below) are also handled through the Stockroom.

The Biology Stockroom is managed by Jingfang Niu, who can be reached in 1312 Weston Hall at 906-227-2311.


A twelve-passenger van owned by the Biology Department

Biology Vans

The Biology Department maintains a motor pool of six 12-passenger vans for use during field-based labs and other activities requiring group travel.  The vans are also available for members of the NMU community to rent for university-related business according to the following fee schedule:

1 van daily rental (up to 200 miles per day) = $75

Mileage >200 miles per day incurs an additional charge of $0.20 per mile.

Contact Jingfang Niu to make a reservation.


Biology Department pickup truck.

Biology Truck

Through the generosity of NMU donor Scott Holman, the Biology Department owns a 4x4 pickup truck that is used to haul equipment, tow boat trailers, and gain access to remote corners of our Upper Peninsula wilderness, which is essential for teaching and research.  This truck is accessible to Biology personnel, and is not currently available to the broader community.


Four Biology Department aluminum canoes.

Biology Canoes

The Biology Department owns 4 aluminum canoes, which are used by students during labs and field experiences that involve exploration of our regional aquatic ecosystems.  The canoes are not currently available to individuals outside of the Biology Department.

Jon Boat

The department owns an 18'6" Jon Boat with a 25 HP motor, which is used to conduct research on Upper Peninsula lakes.  The boat is only available to Biology personnel.