Students in greenhouse setting up experiments


The Greenhouse located at 1601 West Science on NMU’s campus includes two 908 square foot rooms for growing plants. In addition, a large research room and separate storage areas are part of the complex. Each greenhouse room has dedicated computer control systems to automatically control heating and cooling. One of the rooms is dedicated for growing plants used for teaching in Botany courses (e.g., BI 230, BI 431, BI 434 and BI 495). Students in these courses develop hands-on skills in working with living plants, including learning how to propagate plants (with surplus plants being sold at deep discounts during annual plant sales).

The second greenhouse room is dedicated to research by graduate and undergraduate students, and their faculty mentors. Research projects are diverse, including:

  • use of biological control agents to reduce potato scab disease
  • role of plant endophytes on disease reduction and overall plant growth
  • use of organic amendments and beneficial microbes on crop production
  • bioremediation of soil contaminants by plants and their associated microbes
  • impact of greywater irrigation on crop growth and soil microbial populations
  • soil seed bank comparative studies
  • impact of exogenous plant hormones on CBD quality and quantity in industrial hemp plants.

Biology majors are the primary users of the greenhouse, but other departments occasionally make use of the facility, including Chemistry (especially Medicinal Plant Chemistry students), Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences, and Anthropology. Art & Design students have also used this space for photography and artistic inspiration. The greenhouse is a beautiful place to be, especially when the snow is flying outside!

For more information about greenhouse use and policies, please contact Dr. Donna Maki.