Program Overview

This major and concentration is appropriate for pre-professional students in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry and pre-veterinary medicine. It provides a foundation for introductory positions of employment in such fields as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing biological products, and monitoring health and environmental standards. It can also serve as a foundation for graduate studies in special areas of microbiology.

Where a Concentration in Microbiology Can Take You

With a microbiology concentration, your career options are wide open. Some common paths for NMU graduates include:

  • Field researcher
  • Wildlife management
  • Laboratory researcher
  • Production specialist
  • Teacher/instructor
  • Animal rehabilitator
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Physical therapist
  • Conservation biologist

Career possibilities available to you as a biology major depend on the competencies and skills you acquire through both academic work and extracurricular experiences, so take advantage of every opportunity to learn from your NMU experience!​

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The Biology major at NMU is a diverse program that will give you the opportunity to master many skills and gain competencies in a variety of fields.

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