2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Chloe Wilkinson

Chloe is majoring in Biology/Physiology with a second major in Spanish. In addition to coursework, Chloe participated in several extracurricular activities.  Chloe’s National Science Foundation funded research utilized advanced molecular biology techniques to gain a better understanding of a gene regulatory network in the human pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  Chloe was a medical assistant at UPHS.  She studied abroad in Spain and Costa Rica.  Chloe lead the Mind Your Health mental health awareness campaign on campus.  She participated in SLFP and Superior Edge.

Chloe graduated in May 2020 with a 4.0 grade point average. Following graduation, she plans on attending medical school. 



2020 Outstanding Graduate Student: Stephanie Szarmach

Stephanie completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Studies at Oberlin College and then worked in a series of field biology jobs focused on birds before moving to NMU to begin her MS degree. During her time at NMU, she worked on the conservation genomics of blue wildebeest from Zambia.

Her thesis was entitled, “Genetic diversity of blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) in the Liuwa Plain of Zambia”, which was co-advised by Kate Teeter and Alec Lindsay. Steph used next-generation DNA sequencing methods and extensive computational analyses to develop a detailed snapshot of genetic diversity in blue wildebeest.

As a graduate student, Steph collaborated with the Zambian Carnivore Programme (an NGO in Zambia) on sample collection and the study system, researchers at Boston University on genomic analyses, and Dr. Jeff Horn and students in NMU’s Computer Science on use of their department’s high-performance computing resources. While a student in the MS program, Steph also participated in Alec Lindsay’s “Field Studies of Zambia” course in May 2019, and taught laboratory sections of Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology.

Steph defended her thesis and graduated in the Fall 2019 semester, and is headed to a Ph.D. program at Pennsylvania State University next fall, where she will continue her work in conservation genetics.

Year Outstanding Graduating Senior Outstanding Graduate Student
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1978 Gergory J. Smith  
1979 Harold N. Gooch  
1980 Anne M. Richards & Susan Lesnek  
1981 Noreen L. Heitman  
1982 Mary Susan Smith  
1984 Donald V. Faulkner  
1985 Bruce A. Vande Berg  
1986 Maria Lynn Albright  
1987 Terry R. Minzey  
1988 Donna M. Maki  
1989 Laurie A. Egbert Cynthia L. White
1990 Suzin J. Romin Terry R. Minzey
1991 Paula M. Pelkola Mary C. Moffat
1992 Michelle K. Mater Daniel J. Groebner
1993 Nancy J. Davidson Terry D. DeBruyn
1994 Matthew R. Klar Gina H. Rousseau
1995 Joseph L. Christiansen Marc R. LaBeau
1996 Evelyn Thomas Delora Loope
1997 Holly Lanasa Marc Knepper
1998 Stephanie Miklovic Vanessa Quinn
1999 James J. Maskey Jr. Mason Reichard
2000 Jill M. Wuerfel Andrew Ray
2001 Ashley Veine John Placyk Jr.
2002 Emily A. Gardner Laura R. Klar
2003 Rob W. Cadmus Tyanne L. Dosh
2004 Gwen N. Panian Sarah Pratt
2005 Andrew Moriarity Emily Gardner
2006 Jane C. Stieber Stephen M. Rybczynski
2007 Viktoria Koskenoja Meggin Weinandt
2008 Amanda Moraska Lara Esser
2009 Julian Dupuis Paul Kusnierz
2010 Anne Scott Trisha Sippel
2011 Kirstin Meyer Ryne Rutherford
2012 Olivia Juntila Vanessa Thibado
2013 Ricki Oldencamp Justine Pinskey
2014 Rozemary Howard Keith Sabin
2015 Abbey DeBruin Michael Rotter
2016 Shaley Valentine Anna Rice
2017 Emily Bertucci Rebecca Dangremond
2018 Sarah Naracon Amanda Vanderplow
2019 Tyler Devos Katie Nehiba
2020 Chloe Wilkinson Stephanie Szarmach