Program Overview

This concentration is appropriate for pre-professional students in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-optometry and physical therapy. It provides a foundation for introductory positions of employment in such fields as biomedical research, food and drug manufacturing, nutrition and sports physiology. It can also serve as a basis for graduate studies in developmental biology, physiological ecology, embryology and molecular biology.

Where a Concentration in Physiology Can Take You

With a Biology major with concentration in physiology, your career options are wide open. Some common paths for NMU biology students include:

  • Teacher/instructor
  • Animal rehabilitator
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Physical therapist
  • Physician's assistant
  • Occupational therapist
  • Chiropractor

Career possibilities available to you depend on the competencies and skills you acquire through both academic work and extracurricular experiences, so take advantage of every opportunity to learn from your NMU experience!​

Male student doing cell research on a computer

Critical thinking, analysis, and research skills are all developed through laboratory projects and coursework. For the most highly motivated and capable students, the opportunity to perform research in collaboration with Biology faculty is also available.

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