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Major: Communication Studies

This major teaches face-to-face communication skills and critical thinking skills based upon a body of knowledge that is transportable and applicable to a variety of career paths. Performance and theoretical electives afford students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their interests as they prepare for careers ranging from sales to supervision, from the ministry to law. A background in communication studies is an asset to all career-minded individuals who must communicate clearly, forcefully and persuasively.

Major: Multimedia Journalism

The Multimedia Journalism major will help students acquire the writing and research skills necessary for providing audiences with compelling and relevant stories in a variety of media formats. Students will learn how to create content for broadcast, magazines, newspapers and online publications. In addition to receiving intensive writing instruction, students will gain an understanding of the technical, aesthetic and legal elements of this field.


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Major: Multimedia Production

This major focuses on a wide variety of production careers such as music recording and corporate video. Students use professionally equipped studios to learn concepts and apply them to create award-winning media content. The department’s labs include professional audio and video equipment using the latest digital technology such as ProTools and Adobe Creative Suite.


Minor: Communication Studies

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Minor: Media Studies

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Minor: Multimedia Journalism

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Minor: Multimedia Production

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Consider a Major or Minor!

Students in the Communication and Media Studies Department have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that will help them develop the skills they need to be successful in the workforce. Often, these opportunities are paired with academic service-learning courses or may be used to obtain Superior Edge credit.  Some of the activities include:

Our department offers a large palette of varied, exciting courses for you to consider. Please see our Course Descriptions page for the full list.

Take a trip to the third floor of the Thomas Fine Arts building and discover our Mac Laboratory, a state-of-the-art studio built for high-end video production. Nearby rests our Audio Studio, recently upgraded to hold equipment normally only found in record studios and high-end production environments.

To take your production on the go, we carry professional audio and video equipment available to checkout for all Multimedia students.

Additionally, all CAMS students get complete access to the full Adobe Creative Suite, a collection of industry-standard software tools for all facets of media production.

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