Dine Responsibly

NMU Dining Sustainability Initiatives – Dine Responsibly

NMU Dining Services is committed to maintaining sustainable practices. We have partnered with a number of local businesses and organizations to provide fresh, healthy food on campus. We are proud to support the economy by purchasing locally.

Additionally, we are actively working to reduce wasted resources and incorporate more environmentally friendly products into our operations. Our dedication to sustainability is an important and exciting aspect of NMU Dining Services.

Our Local Partners

  • BSB Farms
  • Dancing Crane Coffees
  • Jilbert Dairy
  • NMU Hoop House | Community Garden
  • Partridge Creek Farm
  • Superior Culture
  • Superior Home Farm
  • Thill's Fish House
  • U.P. Food Exchange

Our Vendors

Bulk Dispensers

By using bulk dispensers for various drinks, condiments and cereals in dining halls, we are able to reduce the amount of packaging materials we use.

Dishwashing Efficiencies

Renovations in our dishwashing area further reduce water usage.

Electronic Records

Our offices keep all of our records on the computer, which decreases the amount of paper and printer ink we use.

Energy Audit

Students from NMU’s climate control technology program are in the process of conducting an energy audit for Dining Services. This will provide us with detailed knowledge of our total energy consumption, offer ideas for alternative energy and ultimately reduce our overall energy costs.

Green Cleaning

We are moving toward using more green cleaning products throughout the entire university, including all of the dining locations. These products improve air and water quality, reduce waste and pollution, and provide healthier facilities.


We are proud to serve local livestock at our various dining locations. A portion of our lamb, beef, pork and chicken was purchased at the Marquette County Fair.

North Farm Partnership

NMU has partnered with North Farm, a MSU Extension, to provide our dining locations with fresh, local produce.

Online Brochures

In order to save resources and in turn the environment, Simply Superior Catering and Events has eliminated printed booklet brochures. We now offer online versions of our catering brochures.

Primary Vendor

We use one primary vendor for most of our dining purchases. By doing this, we decrease the amount of delivery time made to our dining facilities, therefore saving fuel.


To further our sustainable practices, we have made the decision to use environment friendly products at our dining locations. We use biodegradable paper plates, recycled napkins, Cornware utensils and Pepsi’s new compostable cups.


We installed a pulper in 2007. This machine grinds food scraps, cardboard, aluminum foil and paper with water to reduce the volume of waste.


We recycle all cardboard, waste paper, plastic, and cans at all of our dining locations. To encourage recycling among students, we have placed recycling bins near all of our facilities.

Reusable Mugs

NMU sells a BPA-free reusable mug to be used on campus for great deals on beverages at your favorite dining locations.

Sustainability Advisory Council

NMU Dining is an active member of the NMU Sustainability Advisory Council.

Trayless Dining and Reusable Trays

Students now have the option to go trayless at all of our dining locations. This reduces the amount of wasted food, as well as water and chemicals used to clean the trays. Fieras and Melted have switched from disposable, recycled paper trays to reusable trays.