Online Ordering - GET

To download the GET APP you may visit the NMU - GET APP download page or search the APP Store or Google Play Store for GET Mobile by CBORD.

Yes and No.

At this time guest are only able to order through the GET - Website
Guests are only able to use a Credit Card for Payment.

Development is in progress on allowing guests to order through the GET APP

Only payments that are accepted at any given GET Merchant will be listed as a payment method in the merchants cart when you are completing checkout.

The GET APP accepts many different payment options ( CatCa$h, Dining Dollars, Meal Plans, Credit Cards)

Locations setup for X-Change menus (Wildcat Den X-Change & Fieras X-Change) accept X-Change Meal Plans, Spooner & DINE|NMU Student and Staff Meal Plans)

Locations setup with Full menus (Wildcat Den, Wildcat Den Coffee Bar, Fieras, Starbucks) accept CatCa$h, Dining Dollars, Credit Cards and Apple Pay

THE GET GO accepts Residential Meal Plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Spooner) and DINE|NMU Student and Staff Meal Plans.


CATCA$H is a program that allows students to use their Wildcat Express Student ID Card for certain student transactions. It is an accepted form of payment at all NMU dining locations and the library.

CatCa$h never expires.

You can add CatCa$h to your account in one of four ways:

  1. Online at
  2. On your mobile device using the GET App
  3. In-person at the Wildcat Express Center. The Wildcat Express Center is located in Room 1227, on the first floor of the Northern Center. During the academic year, the Wildcat Express Center is open 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.
  4. In-person in Harden Hall through the Value Port cash machine

It is refundable if you are graduating or leaving the University permanently. You must have $15 or more to be refunded.

Fieras, CatTrax, Starbucks, Wildcat Den, Wildcat Den Coffee Bar, Smoothie King, Temaki, Melted, Sundre, and Northern Lights Dining.

Dining Dollars and CatCa$h function in a similar way, but have some important differences.

CatCa$h must be added by students to their ID card. Dining Dollars expires at the end of the winter semester while CatCa$h never expires.

Both are accepted at the following locations: Fieras, Cat Trax Convenience Store, Northern Lights Dining, the Wildcat Den, Wildcat Den Coffee Bar, Starbucks, Smoothie King, Temaki, Sundre and Melted. Additionally, CatCa$h can be used at Harden Hall for printing, copying, and other needs.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are transferable from fall to winter semesters. However, students leaving at the end of fall semester will not be able to receive a refund  on any balance.
Dining Dollars expires at the end of the winter semester.

Dining Dollars are accepted at all of the NMU Dining locations. These include: Fieras, CatTrax, Northern Lights Dining, The Wildcat Den, Starbucks, Wildcat Café, Smoothie King, Temaki, Melted and Sundre.

Dining Dollars come with all Residential Meal Plans allowing students to purchase meals at any of the NMU dining locations.

Residential Meal Plan Details

Spooner Meal Plan Swipes can be used at the following locations:

Northern Lights Dining
Fieras X-Change Menu
Wildcat Den X-Change Menu
THE GET GO (Online only location in GET)

All students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan. Freshmen are required to be on the Platinum, Gold or Silver constant plan which allows for unlimited meals per week.  After their Freshman year, students can remain on Platinum, Gold or Silver, or choose the Bronze meal plan.  Spooner residents can choose the Spooner meal plan.  The DINE|NMU commuter meal plans are an option for on-campus apartment residents, as well as any student, staff or faculty.

Meal plans can be changed prior to the beginning of the semester with the Housing Office (227-2620). After the semester begins, changes to meal plans may be made for the first two weeks of the semester at the Wildcat Express Center, located on the first floor of the Northern Center.

Upon entering Northern Lights Dining, your NMU I.D. card or the GET Mobile App is scanned and you are allowed access.  If you leave the dining location, you must swipe your card again to eat.

Northern Michigan University requires those students living in residence halls to be on one of the meal plans: Platinum, Gold or Silver (unlimited meal per week) or Bronze (10 meals per week).  Freshmen students must participate in the Platinum, Gold or Silver plan. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may select one of the other plans. Spooner Hall residents may also choose the Spooner Hall meal plan.  If you have questions please contact NMU Dining’s Registered Dietitian at 906-227-6624 or email

If you have further questions about your Room and Board Contract please contact Housing and Residence Life at or call 906-227-2620.

Students living in the on campus apartments are not required to have any meal plan but if they would like one they can choose from all the residential meal plans and the DINE NMU plans that we offer. More information is available on the meal plan overview page.

Students are not permitted to share their residential meal plan with anyone; lending another student their student I.D., or other University credentials for any reason can be cause for disciplinary action.

If part of your meal plan, guest passes are pre-loaded on your NMU I.D. card.  Upon entering Northern Lights Dining or Wildcat Den, let the Dining Services employee know that you would like to use a guest pass for your visitor’s meal.

Your guest passes may be used at Northern Lights Dining or anywhere X-change meal menus are offered.

Guest Passes are not be available for use on the GET APP at this time

DINE|NMU Employee and Student Meal Plan Details

The 60, 50, and 25 visit meal plans carry over each semester.

Your DINE|NMU Employee and Student Meal Plan can be used at Northern Lights Dining, THE GET GO, or for X-Change menu meals at the the Wildcat Den & Fieras


NMU Dining has a registered dietitian on staff to serve the student population on campus.  Brett Peterson would be happy to talk to you about any dining questions you may have.

Nutrition and Allergies Information | | 906-227-6624


X-Changes are meal swipes included in several of the meal plans offered.
The amount of Weekly swipes available are dependent upon your meal plan.
Platinum (6), Gold (4), and Silver (2). 
X-changes renew weekly.

X-changes are accepted at the Wildcat Den, which is located inside the Northern Center and at Fieras which is located inside Harden Hall on the Lower Level.

X-changes can be used to purchase from the X-change menu at the Wildcat Den & Fieras
X-changes renew weekly.

X-changes are available for use at the Wildcat Den & Fieras and are managed as follows.

Regardless of which Plan you have for X-Changes (2, 4 or 6) swipes the following rules.

1.) X-change Meal Plan balance resets weekly on Sundays.
2.) X-change Meal Plan usage is limited to 2 meals per day.
3.) X-change Meals are for use by the meal plan holder.  Use your Guest Passes to make purchases for others

Other FAQs

Visit any Flagstar banking location including those located nearest to campus (shown below). Flagstar bankers will also be on campus during peak times throughout the school year.

  • 1106 Northern Center | 906.226.0006
  • 101 West Washington Street | 906.228.1425
  • 1300 North Third Street | 906.228.1270
  • 2025 US Hwy 41 West | 906.228.1323

If your Wildcat Express Card is LOST or STOLEN, you should take steps to immediately secure its non-authorized use.

This can be done multiple ways.
1. Visit the Wildcat Express Center in person.  Room 1227 on the first floor of the Northern Center.
2. Log onto the GET Mobile APP and proceed to the settings area and choose "Report card as lost"
3. Log onto the GET Website and select "I lost my card"

If you find your card before replacing it, you can visit the GET APP or GET Website to "Report Card as Found"

Download the GET app for easy access to all your account balances.  Learn more here


GET also provides the following information:

Account Balance Information for all your Meal Plans as well as CatCa$h & Dining Dollars
Ability to view your transaction history Dining & Printing) whether your purchases were made in the GET APP or using your Card. 
You can mark your ID Card as lost, If you find it before replacing it you can mark your ID Card as Found
The "Explore" section of GET also provides information on other Dining Services location.