The NMU COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan has been relocated to the NMU Policy and Resource Database. The original and amended versions of plan may be viewed at For more information, contact NMU Risk Management at (906) 227-2375 or 


NMU anticipates that this document will change. State and Federal executive orders as well as CDC guidance will affect this plan. This chart logs the changes to the document as they occur. 

Date:         Change:
04/01/22   Moved the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan to Plan requirements have been rescinded by the State of Michigan and are no longer in effect. While best practices continue on campus, they are communicated by letters directly from the NMU President and posted on the safeoncampus website. 
07/30/20   Removed a confusing sentence about required COVID-19 testing.   
07/29/20   Updated Supervisor information to include links to Human Resources new web page and update information about ordering supplies. 
07/28/20   Changed travel restriction to meet current Human Resources Supervisor guidance. 
07/21/20   Added information about COVID-19 testing at the Passport to Campus testing event. 
06/18/20   Added 24 hour isolation time into the controls for handling mail (based on employee request for more direction)
06/08/20   Clarified self-screening to indicate that there is no form and that employees should assess for new symptoms. Received feedback from employees that some medical issues mimic COVID-19 symptoms but that employees generally would know the difference. For instance, certain medications have a chronic cough as a side effect. They did not want to "attest" that they did not have the symptoms when they did,
but knew them to be related to other issues. Changed reporting flowchart wording slightly. 
06/10/20   Updated the heading to specifically state that furloughed workers do not need to attest until after furlough is over. 
06/05/20   Updated with information from Executive Order 2020 114
06/04/20   Added link for attestation and link for the list of employees who have completed the attestation agreement
06/04/20   Added additional information about self-assessing for COVID-19 symptoms
06/03/20   Added reporting flowchart and updated Reporting Intake Form with 6/3/20 version
06/02/20   Current Status and Travel Restrictions (to reflect President Erickson's June 2 email to employees)
05/26/20   Preparedness and Response Plan presented to NMU Executive Council  - Plan approved