For matters involving "Prohibited Conduct" as defined by NMU's Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct and Stalking Policy, the Title IX Coordinator will ensure the investigation complies with all Title IX requirements. Investigations will be conducted by a trained investigator(s). 

The responsibility to conduct an investigation shall not be altered by the fact that a criminal investigation of the incident is pending or has been concluded, although the investigation may be delayed or suspended at the request of law enforcement while the law enforcement agency is gathering evidence.  In the event the investigation is delayed at request of law enforcement agency, appropriate steps will be taken to provide for the safety of the complainant and the University community and to prevent retaliation by any individual.  The steps may include changes to the schedule, housing assignment or work location of the respondent or summary suspension/leave from the University issued to the respondent.  The University will promptly resume its investigation as soon as notified by law enforcement. 

Supportive Measures

After a report of Prohibited Conduct, supportive measures may be taken.  These options include, but are not limited to:  moving the respondent to other housing, moving the complainant to other housing, changing class sections or schedules, no contact orders, contacting teachers about missing a class, administrative leave (employee), and more. These are called “supportive measures” because they can be done right away.  However, they may not be permanent. Generally these actions are taken only if asked, so it is important to know about the options available.

Supportive measures may be imposed at any time regardless of whether disciplinary action is sought by the complainant or the University.  Supportive measures will be kept private to the extent that maintaining that privacy does not impair the ability of the University to provide the supportive measures.  Supportive  measures may be amended or withdrawn as information is gathered in the investigation. The Title IX Coordinator and/or the investigator may consult with other administrators to ensure that all safety, emotional, and physical well-being concerns can be reasonable addressed. These measures are separate from judicial measures (such as personal protection orders), although the NMU Police Department may assist complainants with obtaining legal personal protection orders.

Investigation Process

The process NMU follows when the University receives notice and/or a Formal Complaint that an NMU Community Member has engaged in Prohibited Conduct can be found within the Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct and Stalking Policy