Getting to Vienna and Passports

Where to Apply in Marquette

  • Courthouse Annex, 234 W. Baraga Ave., Marquette, MI  49855
    PH:  (906) 225-8330
  • Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. -5 p.m.

Requirements to Apply

  1. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: An EXPIRED PASSPORT, or a CERTIFIED copy of your birth certificate with signature of registrar and authorized seal (raised, embossed, impressed, or multi-colored.) NOTE: A hospital birth certificate is NOT the official registered certificate and WILL NOT be accepted by this office. You can obtain a birth ce1tificate from the county clerk's office of the county where you were born. If you are a naturalized citizen, you must bring your naturalization certificate. The above documents MUST be submitted with your Passport Application and will be returned to you with your Passport.
  2. PHOTOS: Two identical passport pictures, size 2"x 2", meeting the passport specifications for pictures listed on the back of the application. Passport photos can be taken at the County Clerk's Office. Fee is $10.
  3. IDENTIFICATION: Current, with picture and signature of applicant must be presented (valid driver's license, identification card issued by State of Michigan, or military identification.)


  • Photos at office: $10 
  • Courthouse fee: $35
  • Application fee: $130
  • Total:                 $175

If you have a passport, remember that it must be valid for six months after your scheduled travel plans. 

Expedited Service

So you forgot to do it in time or made up your mind at the last minute. Don't worry, there are two options (but it costs extra):

  1. A surcharge of $60 gets you expedited service. You can also overnight your passport for an additional fee of $19.51.
  2. In a real crisis, you can go to the Detroit Passport Agency (but you will need to make an appointment first - call 1-877-487-2778): 477 Michigan Ave. 3rd Floor, Detroit, MI 48226 (there are also offices in Chicago and Minneapolis).
  • Plan to arrive in Vienna on the Saturday Program start date.
  • You most likely be arriving at Vienna International Airport (VIE); Most US flights will arrive in the morning or early afternoon.
  • We will meet you at the airport as described below under "Getting to the Apartment".
  • Since airfare is not included in the fees, you arrange your own arrival.
    • Select the budget, dates, and departure and arrival airports of your choice. We have found that Student Universe tends to offer some of the best deals, especially out of Chicago.
    • You may arrive before the Program starts and stay after the Program ends, but you will not be covered by the Program outside of the Program dates.
  • You may coordinate with other students to travel together, but you should either already be in Vienna or arriving at the airport for group pick-up on the Saturday of the Program start.
  • You may depart with us and travel on our itinerary straight through to Vienna, but you must arrange your own ticket. We will provide you our travel plans once the Program has been approved in November.
  • If you travel with us, you will be accompanied the entire way from Marquette to your apartment in Vienna. It may also be possible to link up en route, for example in Toronto, depending on the final route.
  • This website has detailed arrival information to ensure that, no matter what, you make it to our apartment safe and sound.
  • You may make whatever arrival plans best suit you. Alternate arrivals may include by train to the main train station (close to our apartment - see the section below on "Getting to the Apartment.")
  • If you arrive in Vienna before the Program start date:
    • You may need to make plans for housing; let us know and we can see if we can arrange for you to get into our apartment early.
    • You may need to make your way to the apartment on your own, but let us know and we can likely meet you somewhere.

Getting to the Apartment

Though you may travel with us, do not be afraid to travel on your own. Getting to the Vienna airport (VIE) is easy. Once there, getting to the apartment is fast and safe.  We will either meet you at the airport or, if you wish, at the apartment.

Yes, travel to a new place is confusing, and things may not go according to plan. But you are safe, and we will be looking for you, and we will find you. If you get overwhelmed, immediately contact us, get yourself something to eat, read something, and be patient.  We will find you.

Kölblgasse 20, 1030 Wien

  • You may see the third district (zip code 1030) written as “Wien III”
  • If lost, mention that the street (Kölblgasse) is in the Third District near the Fasangasse (Gasse is the GErman word for a small street or alley)
  • At the apartment door, ring the bell for the housekeeper (unit number 4 or 5) or give us a call

Our airport meeting point will be MEETING POINT CHECK IN 3 / ARRIVAL (ANKUNFT)

  • This is immediately outside the security area to your RIGHT. This is where you exit the baggage claim and customs area; you will have already gone through passport control. You do not need to declare anything for customs, so simply walk on out.

If confused, go to this area, contact us, and wait. 

  • There are ATMs at the airport for withdrawing Euros. The airport has free Wifi. If still confused, there is a McDonalds right there.

In any event, we will arrive in Vienna before the Program starts and have everything waiting for you.

OPTION 1 – S7 (Recommended)

Commuter rail line S7 (Wolfsthal – Airport – Wien Mitte / City – Floridsdorf). This train runs every 30 minutes from the airport’s lower level to “Rennweg” (our station). A ticket costs approximately €2.20 to get you to the city limits. After that, you will be covered by your mass transit pass.

  • Important: we will have already purchased your metro pass (31-Tage-Karte) for Vienna mass transit, and it will be available for you as a download BEFORE you leave for Vienna. This pass gives you access to any metro, tram, or bus station in Vienna, allowing you to transfer as often as you want, but you must then also buy the additional €2.20 single ticket for the airport trip since the airport is outside of Vienna. You can also buy a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour ticket if you are arriving several days before the Program and before your pass has been activated.  All tickets can all be purchased at an automat at the airport.

Make sure you are taking the S7 in the direction of Floridsdorf, otherwise you end up on the Slovakian border in Wolfsthal. Travel time from “Airport” to “Rennweg” is 23 minutes.

Exit at Rennweg. Pay attention to the stops, all of which are clearly labeled and announced.  There are also maps on the train. And people will be happy to help you.

Once off the train, go up the stairs, elevator, or escalator.  You will transfer to Strassenbahn O (trolley or tram as in San Francisco that runs on a track in the middle of the street).

As you leave “Rennweg” station, the Strassenbahn (trolley) stop is on your side of the street (Ungarstrasse – NOT Rennweg). You do not need to cross the street.  The O line is the only one that stops here; you cannot get on the wrong tram as long as you do not cross the street. You do not need a new ticket to transfer. Don't be afraid to ask - people will be happy to help you.

Travel ONE stop to Kölblgasse (only about one minute) and get off the tram (exit only possible on your right).

You will now be on the corner of Fasangasse and Kölblgasse – only two blocks from our apartment.

Across the street, you will see the Ristorante Roma; cross the street towards the pizzeria. Keep walking in that direction along Kölblgasse.  Go one block to Hohlweggasse.  At that intersection, kitty-corner is the Fasan-Apotheke (a pharmacy). Cross the street to the Apotheke. Keep walking down Kölblgasse a half block.  Our Apartment is house number 20 on your right. 


Option 2 (CAT)

  • The City Airport Train CAT has trains every 30 minutes from the airport non-stop to the city centre (“Wien Mitte”). A ticket costs €14.90. CAT tickets are not valid on Vienna's public mass transit, so you have to have your 31-Tage-Karte to continue your journey on metro, tram, or bus once you arrive in Vienna.
    • Travel time:  Airport to “Wien Mitte” is 16 minutes.
    • The train does not call at any other stations, so you cannot miss your stop or go in the wrong direction.
  • Once in “Wien Mitte,” you will need to exit the underground transportation hub. This can be confusing but follow the signs that point you towards "Strassenbahn O".
  • Take Strassenbahn O to “Kölblgasse” and follow the directions above in OPTION 1.


Option 3 (Bus)

  • Vienna Airport Lines run buses every 30 minutes from the airport to the main railway stations. A ticket costs €8.50. The ticket is not part of the official city mass transit system, so you have to have your 31-Tage-Karte for the metro, tram, or bus once you arrive in Vienna.
  • Take the bus to” Hauptbahnhof / Main Train Station”.
  • Follow directions below “From Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)”. You are only a few blocks away.


Option 4 (Taxi or Uber)

  • You can take a taxi or Uber directly. Price from the airport is approximately €36.00. Give the exact address. 10% tip is common. 

You are only a few blocks away and could easily walk or take the tram two stops using your 31-Tage-Karte. At the Hauptbahnhof, follow signs to Strassenbahn O. Take Strassenbahn O (direction “Prater”). Exit at “Kölblgasse” (you can only exit the tram on the right). You will be at the corner of Fasangasse and Kölblgasse. Turn in to Kölblgasse without crossing any street and walk 1.5 blocks until you reach our apartment just past the Fasan-Apotheke on the corner. Our house number is 20, on your right.