Costs, Payments, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Program fees are estimated at ~$3,000 (excluding 8 credits NMU summer tuition and airfare). The fee includes a non-refundable IPO application fee of $150.00. The fee also includes a 5% contingency fee that will be refunded at Program end if not used. The final amount may vary based on final enrollment and exchange rates.

Note that there are NO additional fees, surcharges, excursion or event fees, expected tips, etc.; if we do it as part of the Program it is included as part of the Program fees. 

Services included in the fees

  • Language academy tuition and materials
  • Two full, multi-course meals daily (all lunches and dinners)
  • All snacks and drinks while on program events (includes daily afternoon coffee and cake)
  • All accommodations in Vienna and on trips
  • All public transport for Greater Vienna (you will have your own personal pass)
  • All international excursions to Prague, Hungary, and Slovakia
  • All regional excursions to the Alps, the Danube, the Vienna Woods, and more
  • All entrance fees and tickets
  • Experienced, round-the-clock, bilingual on-site assistance
  • Escorted travel and transfer on arrival
  • Full international medical insurance
  • Wifi access at the apartment and language academy

All payments are made through the Student Service Center in 2201 Hedgcock. 

You will be provided a deposit slip. Use this deposit slip to make all payments; the dates, amounts, and account number will all be listed.

Download Deposit Slip Here

Payment Timeline

Nov 15:  $1,000 (includes $150 non-refundable IPO application fee)

Jan 31:  $1,000

Mar 31: ~$1,000 (final balance due)

If you are having trouble making payments, we will work with you but you have to let us know. Otherwise, failure to make timely payments moves you to the waitlist and opens your spot to someone else.

The IPO application fee ($150.00) is non-refundable.

All other payments are refundable until a payment is made on your behalf, which will not occur until the middle of the Winter semester.

NMU can only refund monies not already sent for services.  Any money that has not been paid out for trip expenses may be refunded to you in full, including the contingency fee. 

You may cancel at any time, but the closer to departure, the higher the likelihood that your fees will have already been sent to cover trip costs.

Any non-paid balance may be applied to your NMU student account and will become subject to collection procedures.

If the program account has an excess of $25/student after all payments have been settled after the program ends, NMU will refund your equal share of that amount.


The extent of your desire to travel on your own, purchase gifts, grab drinks, visit additional sites, and otherwise engage in the excitement of Central Europe will determine this amount. 



Airfare is not included. We will discuss flight options in great detail, however, to help you get the best deal.

NMU TUITION (8 credits)

Tuition is not included. You must pay summer tuition for 8 credits (GR/HS 311X and IP 286X). IP 286X is a tracking course for students studying abroad; it will go towards your German credits. You will not be able to pay this until after the summer session opens for registration in mid-March. We will enroll you since these are closed courses.

  • GR/HS 311X (4 credits)
  • IP 286X (4 credits)

Financial Aid

During the program, you may be eligible for financial aid:

  • You may apply for financial aid.
  • You may claim all expenses for this trip, including flights, passport and such - not just the program fees and NMU tuition. The financial aid office will have a predetermined amount for the final costs in the winter.

For details, contact the Financial Aid Office in 2107 C B Hedgcock (TEL: +1-906-227-2327).


Study Abroad Scholarships

There are several scholarships specifically for study abroad. Many go unclaimed, so apply to any that might fit you, even if there is a preference listed that you do not fit.

The scholarship application window for summer study abroad programs closes 30 March. Here is a list of NMU study abroad scholarships .

Once you have reviewed the options, apply here: Scholarship Application