Course Requirements

You will be enrolled by the instructor in GR/HS 311X (4 credits) for the first summer session.

  • Select either HS or GR (there is no practical difference since they are cross listed).  
  • Classes consist of field excursions and meet according to the program schedule. 
  • Credits apply to requirements in the following programs:
    • German Studies - major and minor (If GR/HS 311 previously taken, GR 498: Directed Study)
    • History - major and minor
    • International Studies - major and minor
    • Art and Design - art history elective
    • Honors - course may be honorized
    • General Education - Social Responsibility (socr)

You will be enrolled by the Program in IP 286 (4 credits) for the first summer session.

  • Classes are through a local language school (ABC Bildungszentrum).
  • All levels are offered, including absolute beginners (you do not need previous German language). 
  • Content is focused on practical speaking and intensive conversation.
  • The language course meets Monday through Friday, 8:00-10:45.
  • You receive books and teaching materials at the school (already paid for).
  • Credit equals 4 credits in GR (or IP) at the level you complete.
  • Credits apply to requirements in the following programs:
    • German (e.g. GR 101, 102, 201, 202, 300), OR
    • International Studies - IP 285 or IP 485
      • IP 285 - levels “Basic 1” through “Basic 3”.
      • IP 485 - levels “Intermediate 1” and above.
    • General Education - Perspectives (pers)
    • Other GR options - consult with NMU's department of international studies, languages and literature 

Content at the language academy is focused on language acquisition through intensive conversation and grammar courses. 

Students wanting to leap a semester of German after the program (for example skip GR 102 and enter GR 201 directly) after completing the absolute beginner class will take a placement test from NMU German faculty, which will determine your placement.

Other options may be possible, but must be coordinated through NMU. For example, if enrolled in a high level section at the academy, it may be possible to contract with a NMU professor to do additional reading and writing to substitute the course for GR 300 (Reading and Writing).