Hear From the Students

"The Vienna trip was an amazing program that was expertly directed and surprisingly tolerant to a first time international traveler! On this trip you get to see operas, cathedrals, art, and experience the Austrian culture through onsite lessons (taught by NMU's own History professor Robbie Goodrich) and eat wonderful food elevated by traditional styles and methods dating back hundreds of years! This trip isn't just for the students with a major in German Studies. There were multiple students that attended this program with little to no German language experience and were able to thrive in the easygoing Vienna with ease. The accompanying NMU professors guide you on your group excursions while also giving you plenty of time to roam if you want to. Speaking of Rome, there are also multiple Roman ruins (real and fake) that are discussed and visited! This trip covers Austrian history and that of its neighbors over a few thousand years! 

So if you're looking for adventure, want to learn a new language, or are looking to deepen your knowledge of history through experience; then this is the trip for you!"

"If you are still thinking about Vienna, I would highly recommend it. You‘ll never visit a more beautiful, clean and safe city! From the culture, language, sites and Robbie's amazing knowledge of history, you will really enjoy the experience. If you can make it happen, stay for the whole summer and explore other countries too!"

"The trip was a very positive experience. You’re thrown together with people you haven’t met in a city thousands of miles away and you just go for it. We were pretty independent and adventurous, which helped.”

“The Professor is not only an excellent source for information ranging from German grammar to how to travel with a deck umbrella, but also a wonderful travel companion and friend.”

“Robbie [professor Goodrich] created a fun, safe, and academic environment for all students who traveled.  They offer support to those students who are new to the German language and challenging opportunities for the more advanced German speakers. Their experience and enthusiasm allows for an open forum of exploration and self discovery.”

“Dr. Goodrich was always interested in providing learning activities for the students, whether it was going to an art exhibit, checking out a new restaurant, or noticing some cultural differences.”