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NMU is so far away? We hear that a lot -- so we put together some resources for you to feel more at home here in the U.P.


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Ways to Pay In-State Tuition

NMU's Bridge Award is available to all non-Michigan residents with a 2.25+ GPA and it fills the out-of-state tuition gap!

Non-Michigan Resident Alumni Dependent Tuition Program includes  in-state tuition rates for non-resident children or grandchildren of alumni.

Veterans or those currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and their covered individuals receive resident tuition rates.



Little Presque Isle

Did you know that most NMU students travel 7+ hours from home to get to campus?

We promise not all come by canoe, but over 20 percent of NMU students do come from outside the State of Michigan. 

So how do they get here? 

KI Sawyer International Airport is a great option with daily flights into hubs like Detroit and Chicago. 

Greyhound Bus arrives in Marquette several times per week. 

However, most students opt to drive to Marquette. There is parking available on campus and close to the residence halls. 




I heard you get 30 feet of snow!

Maybe not that much but the average snowfall in Marquette is around 172 inches per year. So let's get you ready! 

To be comfortable during a Marquette winter it's recommended to have: 

  • Warm Coat with wind blocking technology. (NMU is located on the South Shores of Lake Superior and it can get windy).
  • Wool Socks to keep your feet nice and toasty.
  • Winter Hat with fleece on the inside. 
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Boots - preferably water proof
  • Snow Pants (because who doesn't want to play in fresh powder)!

Marquette has a lot of great local stores where you can pick up winter gear while you're here. 


Wildcat Den seating area

There is Plenty to Do Inside Too!

We get it, not everyone is an outdoor enthusiast. That's Okay! Here are a few interesting things to explore inside. 

  • The Wildcat Den is NMU's campus pub, complete with shuffle-puck, darts, foosball, pool table and a gaming corner! 
  • Forest Roberts Theatre hosts 6+ productions a year - $5 for NMU students.
  • PEIF - NMU's Rec Center has racquetball courts, golf simulator, swimming pool, rock climbing wall, basketball courts, and drop in classes from Zumba to Yoga to Strength Training. Plus, all the cardio and weight training equipment you'll need to stay active.  Don't like running on a treadmill -- we've got you covered with the World's Largest Wooden Dome - The Superior Dome. 


Dome in Fall

"While my parents were worried about me being 20+ hours from home, and I'll admit it took a little bit of adjustment at first, there is such a strong sense of community here that I never felt alone When I left NH for Northern, it just felt like I was coming home -- despite never being here in person. Ever since, I have fallen in love with the U.P., and already cannot wait to come back next semester.”

Lara Renner

Biochemistry Major from Alton, New Hampshire

Check out AbbieClaire Boozer's story and why going out of your comfort zone may be the best decision you ever made!

Plus, she gives some important advice -- like bring boots! 


Busting 10 Myths about NMU

Busting 10 Myths about NMU

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