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A student who will attend NMU after completion of a high school diploma or GED but will not have attended any other college after high school completion. 

NMU welcomes students participating in dual enrollment or Early/Middle College programs to apply and enroll at NMU. Such students are considered entering first-year students (with credit) if they plan to attend NMU immediately after receiving their high school diploma.  If an associate's degree is earned prior to high school graduation, students may still be considered first-year students. Dually enrolled or early/middle college students are considered transfer students if they decide to continue pursuing college work after receiving their high school diploma and prior to attending NMU. See how courses transfer to NMU, or learn more about applying as a first-year student. 

A student who will be attending college for the first time after completing a high school curriculum through homeschooling. This includes students who have taken college courses prior to high school graduation. Learn more. 

A student who has completed college-level work (any number of credits) at any college or university (but not NMU) after high school graduation, and has not completed a baccalaureate degree. Learn more.

A student who is enrolled in high school (not yet graduated) and also enrolled in NMU courses.  This includes dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and the Marquette Alger Technical Middle College. Learn more. 

Applicants are those who qualify for VA educational benefits through former or current service in the United States Military. Learn more. 

International students are those who are not U.S. citizens and not U.S. lawful permanent residents (do not hold a "green card"/alien registration card). Learn more about applying as an international student. 

A re-entry student is a student who has previously taken a course at NMU (after high school graduation), has not been enrolled for one year or longer, has not completed a baccalaureate degree, and who wishes to enroll in a future term at NMU.  If your last enrollment was within the past year, you do not need to re-apply.  Access your MyNMU account for course registration. Learn more about applying as a re-entry student. 

A student who has obtained a baccalaureate degree (at NMU or another institution) who is planning to complete a second undergraduate degree or seek an initial secondary or elementary provisional teaching certificate. Students with earned baccalaureate or higher degrees who are not seeking an undergraduate degree or teaching certificate and want to take undergraduate level courses for personal or professional development or preparation for a graduate program should apply as post-baccalaureate non-degree. Learn more about applying as a post-bac student. 

Any student who has completed a bachelor's degree and is now interested in graduate-level study for a certificate, certification, master's degree or teaching endorsement. Students with earned baccalaureate or higher degrees who are not seeking a graduate degree, nor an undergraduate degree or teaching certificate/endorsement, should apply as a "Non-Degree Graduate Student." Learn more about applying as a graduate student. 

A guest student is one who is regularly enrolled at, and eligible to return to, another college or university but who wishes to earn credit from NMU to transfer to their home institution. Learn more about applying to NMU as a guest student. 

Any students attending primary, middle or high school grades who attend camps, non-credit classes and other events provided through NMU. Learn more about applying as a K-12 student.

Online learners are those who will take all of their NMU coursework via the Web. Online learners should determine which type of student they are from the list above and follow the instructions for that category. Learn more about applying as an online learner. 

NMU is First Gen Friendly.  If your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor’s degree, then you are considered a first-generation college student. On average, about 35% of NMU students are first-generation college students. You will apply based on the appropriate definitions above and you will find services and support readily available. Learn more.