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You will receive your physical TCE in the mail within several weeks of your admission to NMU. Your admissions counselor and your academic adviser will have access to an electronic copy of the TCE that was mailed to you.

Click the explainer handout at the top of this page for a full sample view of the TCE. The TCE will display evaluations by NMU's Registrar for all college credits you have earned a grade or test score for within the NMU Transfer Credit Policy. This includes classes taught while in high school (i.e. dual enrollment), college or university classes after high school, AP, IB, CLEP, and military credit.

Only regionally accredited colleges and universities will be evaluated automatically for transfer credit. If you attended a college or university that was not regionally accredited, please read the Advanced Placement Policy in the NMU Bulletin.

Students may transfer up to 90 semester credit hours from a 2-year college and an unlimited amount from a 4-year college. However, please be aware of financial aid policies regarding satisfactory academic progress regarding approaching or exceeding the credit hours needed to complete your degree.

Your academic adviser is the best person to ask a question regarding your TCE.

The NMU Registrar makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of your TCE evaluations. If you are unsure of an evaluation, please contact your academic adviser for more information and if there is any required additional documentation (i.e. syllabus) needed to request a re-evaluation.

Understand how your credits fit into our General Education Program:

To successfully complete the General Education Program, students must complete ten (10) courses from the components listed above. Students must achieve a grade point average of "C" (2.0) or better across all ten courses to count toward the General Education Program requirements.

Graduation Requirements

There are four baccalaureate graduation requirements that students must complete. They are:

Laboratory Science University Requirement (LAB)

World Cultures Requirement (WC)

Written English Competency (COMP)

Mathematics Competency (MATH)

While the baccalaureate graduation requirements are not, strictly speaking, part of the general education program, they often can be fulfilled by courses that meet the various general education components.

Transfer Credit Policy

Read the full text of NMU's official transfer credit policy in the Bulletin.