Alumni Engagement Resources for Campus Departments

Alumni love to hear from you! More and more, we hear that alumni are interested in connecting with their department and current students.   

The Alumni Relations team is here to help you connect and engage with your alumni. Following are resources we provide and ways you can partner with Alumni Relations to connect with your alumni. 

If you wish to engage in any fundraising activities, please contact the NMU Foundation, 227-2627.  You can find the NMU Fundraising policy here:

If you any have questions or would like further information, contact us at x2610 or email

Alumni Information and Updates

The NMU Foundation and Alumni Relations maintain the database of Northern Michigan University alumni once they officially graduate from NMU. There are several ways we obtain updated alumni information, including:

  • Alumni self-report (email, Alumni Update Form, telephone)
  • NMU Faculty and staff
  • NMU Marketing & Communications resources
  • Social Media – University, College, Department, Organization
  • Traditional media
  • NMU Newsletters – Department, College, Organization Newsletters
  • NMU Web site(s), including colleges, departments, organizations
  • Google Alerts, Nexus-Lexus, USPS

ALL ALUMNI CONTACT INFORMATION collected by a department, sports team, student clubs or groups should routinely be sent to Alumni Relations. 

This ensures the university has accurate and up-to-date information for our alumni and eliminates the need for departments to maintain alumni data.

You can request a list of your alumni by completing the Alumni Data Request Form. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Alumni Communications

Alumni Relations routinely distributes the following types of information to alumni:

  • Event notifications, invitations and details;
  • Legislative priorities and requests for advocacy;
  • Career and employment opportunities;
  • Campus information and updates;
  • Alumni courtesies and benefits

We distribute information to alumni through the following channels:

  • Northern Magazine (2x year)
  • Department, college and organizational newsletters
  • Email (see Broadcast Email Service below)
  • Direct Mail
  • Social media
  • Traditional media
  • Northern Today
  • E-Newsletters:
    • Cat Connection (alumni)
    • Parent Partnership (parents of current students)
    • Community Connection (community members)
    • Wildcat Wire (prospective students)

BROADCAST EMAIL SERVICE: NMU Alumni Relations provides a broadcast email service for campus departments and organizations and encourages them to share information about the university to build and enhance relationships with NMU alumni. If you would like to email your alumni, please complete review the Broadcast Email Guidelines and submit your request here.

Alumni Events and Reunions

Alumni Relations is here to partner with you to plan your alumni activities on campus and beyond. We can provide guidance with event and budget development, venue selection and assist with registration and promotion.

Alumni Volunteers

ALUMNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Alumni Board members bring a unique perspective and a passion to provide strong leadership for association programs and activities in collaboration with the university and the NMU family. Board members are selected to represent our alumni body, including gender, race, college/major, and current residence. We can connect you with members of the Alumni Board from your department or program. See the full list of current board members here.

WILDCATS CONNECT:  Wildcats Connect is bringing alumni and students together to enhance their personal and professional success. Alumni can volunteer for a number of opportunities to share their expertise with students and new graduates. Learn more here.