license plate example

Show Your Pride

Michigan drivers can show their school spirit with a license plate which displays NMU's Wildcat logo.

Invest in the Future

Revenue from the Wildcat license plate goes directly to student scholarships for Michigan residents. Read about the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.

University License Plate Fees

Purchasing these plates not only shows that you are "true to your school," but provides NMU with additional funds to help support programs and services. The original fee for the university license plate is $35, in addition to all other applicable fees. Northern will receive $25. Each time the plate is renewed, a $10 renewal fee will be collected and sent to the university.

Personalized University License Plates

You can personalize your university plate with up to five characters - for an additional fee of $30. Personalized license plates must be ordered in person at a Secretary of State Branch Office. Personalized university license plates are available with the disability designation and are limited to four characters. The annual renewal fee for personalized plates is $15, in addition to all other applicable fees.

Collector Version

Collector versions of the university license plate can be purchased for a one-time fee of $35. The university will receive $25. These plates are for display purposes only--not for vehicle registration. Each collector plate includes the phrase, "Be True to Your School," the logo and name of the university.

​​​​​​​Visit the Michigan Secretary of State

The plates can be purchased at any Michigan Secretary of State branch office or visit the department online and purchase your Wildcat plate today!