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Manuel Arafat measuring a wolf skull

Week of Diversity in STEM

During the week of February 5-9, 2024, events and activities will be presented that highlight and celebrate the many, often unacknowledged, ways that people from diverse walks of life contribute to STEM disciplines (i.e., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  Our goal is to make diversity in STEM more visible within the community in hopes of inspiring greater appreciation and recognition of these contributions.

In conjunction with Diversity in STEM Week, the Biology Department is sponsoring the Diversity in STEM Art Contest!  Cash prizes will be awarded!

2024 Diversity in STEM Week events:


Multi-day Events:

What: Diversity STEM Art Contest Display

Where: Weston Hall 2nd floor atrium

When: February 7 (noon) to February 9

Who: Biology Department and art contest participants


Monday (Feb 5) Events:

What: Can I Do It All (CIDIA) Lunch & Learn seminar

Where: Northern Lights Dining - Look for signs on sandwich boards 

When: Noon to 1pm (lunch covered for commuter students by diversity office; maximum of 60)

Who: Student Equity and Engagement Center


What: Panel discussion on Diversity & Inclusion in Environmental & Sustainability Science

Where: TSB 3801

When: 1 to 2pm 

Who: Dr. Jelili Adebiyi, Dr. Weronika Kusek, and Dr. Sarah Mittlefehldt of EEGS


What: Art exhibition

Where: Lobby of Art & Design Building 

When: 8am to 5pm

Who: Art & Design


Tuesday (Feb 6) Events:

What: From All Walks of Life - a talk on fluidity of gender and sexuality in the animal kingdom

Where: TSB 2911

When: 12pm to 1pm

Who: Sydney Romps of the Northern Museum of Zoology Club


What: Prejudice meets science: the past and present of eugenics

Where: Jamrich Hall 3313

When: 1pm to 2pm

Who: Dr. Kate Teeter, Biology


What: Talk on Energy and Social Justice

Where: Jamrich Hall 1313

When: 4pm to 5pm

Who: Dr. Jongeun You, Political Science


Wednesday (Feb 7) Event:

What: Scientific Communication Workshop

Where: Jamrich Hall 3309

When: 3pm to 4pm

Who: Student Equity and Engagement Center


Thursday (Feb 8) Event:

What: Snacks and Art in the Atrium

Where: Weston Hall 2nd floor Atrium

When: 12pm

Who: Biology


Friday (Feb 9) Event:

What: Leave No Trace

Where: TSB 2701

When: 1pm

Who: Mitchell Klett, College of Health Sciences & Professional Studies in collaboration with Travel Marquette