Biology Faculty

Robert Belton portrait

Robert Belton

Associate Professor 906-227-1582
Office Location:

2107 Weston Hall

Advising: Physiology, Pre-Physical Therapy, General Biology

Research Interests: Developmental biology, cancer biology, intercellular communication

John Portrait

John G. Bruggink

Professor 906-227-2342
Office Location:

2117 Weston Hall

Advising: Wildlife Biology, Ecology, Mammalogy & General Biology

Research Interests: Wildlife ecology and management, population ecology

Heng portrait

Heng-Hsuan Chu

Assistant Professor 906-227-2343
Office Location:

2003 Weston Hall

Teaching: Introductory Biology, Plant Kingdom, Plant Physiology

Research Interests: Plant nutrition & abiotic stress, effects of mineral deficiencies and toxic metals on plants

Neil portrait

Neil Cumberlidge

Professor 906-227-2215
Office Location:

2009 Weston Hall

Advising: Ecology, Physiology, Zoology

Research Interests: Taxonomy, phylogenetic systematics, evolution, physiology, parasitology, conservation, ecology, and biogeography of the freshwater crabs of Africa, Madagascar, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Central and South America

Kurt Galbreath portrait

Kurt Galbreath

Professor 906-227-1586
Office Location:

2119 Weston Hall

Advising: Zoology, Parasitology, Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests: Historical biogeography of Holarctic mammals and their parasites, host-parasite co-evolution 

Brent Graves portrait

Brent Graves

Professor 906-227-1812
Office Location:

Weston Hall 3015

Advising: General Biology, Ecology, Zoology

Research Interests: Behavioral ecology, life history evolution, herpetology

Diana portrait

Diana Lafferty

Assistant Professor 906-227-2227
Office Location:

2011 Weston Hall

Advising: Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Ecology

Research Interests: Wildlife responses to global environmental change, large landscape conservation, human-wildlife conflict mitigation

Danny LeBert headshot

Danny LeBert

Assistant Professor 906-227-2207
Office Location:

2007 Weston Hall

Advising: General Biology, Pre-Med, Pre-PA, Pre-PT/AT, careers in laboratory research, and graduate school

Research Interests: Role of early wound signaling in regulating wound healing outcome

Dr. Jill Leonard in her office

Jill B. K. Leonard

Professor and Department Head 906-227-1619
Office Location:

2001a Weston Hall

Advising: Fisheries & Wildlife Management, Marine Biology, Physiological Ecology

Research Interests: Fish biology, physiological ecology, migration

Zak Linczeski headshot

Zak Linczeski

Instructor 906-227-2337
Office Location:

3108 Weston Hall

Alec portrait

Alec R. Lindsay

Professor 906-227-1834
Office Location:

2113 Weston Hall

Advising: Ecology, General Biology, Zoology

Research Interests: Conservation genetics, ornithology, animal behavior, evolution

Donna Maki portrait

Donna Maki

Professor 906-227-2443
Office Location:

2013 Weston Hall

Advising: Botany, General Biology, Microbiology

Research Interests: Plant-microbe interactions and ecology, plant-microbe applications in agriculture

Angela Mohrman portrait

Angela Mohrman

Instructor 906-227-2319
Office Location:

2112 Weston Hall

Advising: Biology, cellular & molecular biology, and biomedical sciences 

Research Interests: STEM education pedagogy

Erich portrait

Erich Ottem

Associate Professor (906) 227-1072
Office Location:

2109 Weston Hall

Advising: Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology

Research Interests: Maintenance of neuromuscular junctions and motorneuron dendritic morphology, physiological functioning of sexually dimorphic nuclei in the endocrine hypothalamus

Alan Rebertus in the field

Alan J. Rebertus

Professor 906-227-2351
Office Location:

2005 Weston Hall

Advising: Ecology, General Biology, Botany

Research Interests: Ecology of endangered plant flora, roles of disturbances (fire, wind) and large mammals on community and landscape dynamics

Josh portrait

Josh S. Sharp

Associate Professor 906-227-2380
Office Location:

2111 Weston Hall

Advising: Microbiology, Medically-related Professional Fields, General Biology

Research Interests: Gene regulation in bacteria, medical microbiology, RNA degradation, regulators of bacterial virulence gene expression, toxin secretion systems

Roger portrait

Roger (Mac) Strand

Professor 906-227-2365
Office Location:

2121 Weston Hall

Advising: Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology, General Biology

Research Interests: Stream ecology, ecohydrology, aquatic invertebrate community ecology and bioenergetics, ecology of Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula stream conservation

Kate Teeter Portrait

Katherine C. Teeter

Associate Professor 906-227-2177
Office Location:

2015 Weston Hall

Advising: Biology, Zoology, Genetics

Research Interests: Population and evolutionary genetics

James portrait

James VanOrman

Instructor 906-227-2762
Office Location:

3110 Weston Hall

James coordinates laboratories for BI 100, BI 111, and BI 112, and teaches labs for Biology courses as needed.

Biology Staff

Lauren Anargyros portrait

Lauren Anargyros

Student Success Specialist/Embedded Advisor 906-227-2381
Office Location:

2203C Weston Hall

Kate Hagenbuch head shot

Kate Hagenbuch

Student Success Specialist/Embedded Advisor 906-227-2929
Office Location:

2613 The Science Building

Janece Hanycz with her horse

Janece Hanycz

Senior Secretary 906-227-2310
Office Location:

2001 Weston Hall

Tricia Lafave-Guidebeck portrait

Patricia Lafave-Guidebeck

Account Clerk 906-227-1723
Office Location:

2001 Weston Hall

Jingfang Niu portrait

Jingfang Niu

Laboratory Supervisor 906-227-2311
Office Location:

1312 Weston Hall

Past Faculty

  • Jennifer Jezylo
  • John Rebers
  • Jackie Bird   
  • Pat Brown
  • Thomas Froiland
  • Frank Verley
  • Ronald Parejko
  • Phil Doepke
  • Lowell Neudeck
  • Lew Peters
  • William Robinson
  • Martin Kopenski
  • Don Snitgen
  • Warren VanDeBerg
  • Maynard Bowers
  • Gordan Gill

Former Lab Technician

  • Duane King

Former Secretaries

  • Patricia Wagner
  • Susie Piziali