Direct deposit allows employees to have their net pay conveniently deposited into their bank account. Employees are also able to allocate their net pay to multiple bank accounts.  Employees with direct deposit may choose to switch to the Visa pay card at any time.

Please complete a direct deposit authorization form and send to Payroll ( or fax 227-1405).  Please enter the bank routing and account numbers exactly as they appear on your check or savings account deposit slip.  Please note that this is not the 16 digit number listed on your bank debit card. It is advisable to attach a voided check or deposit slip to ensure the bank routing and account numbers are entered accurately.

Direct deposit changes must be made at least one week prior to payday in order to be effective for the next payday.












Alternatively, NMU offers a prepaid pay card issued by Wisely Pay by ADP for employees who choose not to enroll in direct deposit.  The pay card provides a safe and convenient alternative to a paper check.  Funds are loaded onto the card on payday.  Employees who have direct deposit may choose to switch to the pay card at anytime or allocate a portion of their net pay to a pay card.

Employees interested in the pay card should first review the FAQ's and Fee Schedule for more specific information and return a completed authorization form to Human Resources.  The employee will first receive an instant issue card for immediate use until they receive a personalized card that is embossed with their name in the mail.