This site is for applicants for employment and employees of the university. Questions about reasonable accommodation of applicants and employees with disabilities should be addressed to the Human Resources Department at 906-227-2330.  If you are a student, please go to Disability Services for accommodation information.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and amendments, Northern Michigan University provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities who require them to safely and effectively perform the essential functions of their position, or to participate in the application process for employment.

When an employee or applicant for employment requests a reasonable accommodation, it is the employer’s responsibility to determine:  whether he or she has a disability for which an accommodation is required, what constitutes an appropriate accommodation, and whether the accommodation requested is reasonable and possible.

The decision is made by Human Resources on a case by case basis through an interactive process with the individual requesting an accommodation.  It is the responsibility of the individual requesting an accommodation to provide information, upon request, to support the need for the requested accommodation.

To request an accommodation or learn about any of the following, please select the appropriate link below.