Requesting Accommodations


An applicant who requires an accommodation during the application process should inform the Human Resources Office, 906-227-2330, as appropriate.


The employee notifies Human Resources or the appropriate supervisor, department head, or dean of his/her disability. After notification of Human Resources, the employee is provided with the Accommodation Request Form. The completed Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation, if any, must be sent to the Human Resources.

The Reasonable Accommodation Process

If a supervisor, department head, or dean receives a request for a reasonable accommodation, he or she should inform the employee to contact Human Resources to request a copy of the Accommodation Request Form.  The employee completes the form either with their department head/director or with a member of the Human Resources staff. Next the form is brought to their physician for completion. The employee then returns the completed form, along with any other relevant information, directly to Human Resources, 158 Services Building.

After Human Resources receives and reviews the completed Accommodation Request Form from the employee, the office will contact the employee to determine the appropriate course of action. If the review of the employee's information and documentation indicates that a reasonable accommodation is needed, Human Resources will consult with the employee to establish an accommodation that will enable the employee to perform the essential functions of the job. In some cases, Disability Services may be consulted for technical assistance regarding what accommodations are appropriate and available. If it appears that a requested accommodation imposes an undue hardship or that with the accommodation the employee cannot perform the job effectively or safely, the General Counsel may also provide guidance.

The employee will be informed of the final action taken on the accommodation request including what, if any, accommodation will be provided. Human Resources will record the final action taken on the Accommodation Request Form.


Information provided through the reasonable accommodation process must be kept confidential, with the exception of disclosure to the employee's supervisor(s) and other personnel who need to be informed in order to assess requests for, implement, or monitor accommodations. Information may also be provided to emergency medical personnel assisting the employee, or to federal/state officials investigating compliance with disability laws or regulations.

Any written information regarding an employee's medical condition, including the Accommodation Request Form, must be kept separate from the employee's regular personnel file. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, all documents pertaining to a disability request are placed in a confidential file that will be kept in Human Resources.

An employee is not required to reveal the diagnosis of his/her condition or the details of the medical treatment being received to his/her immediate supervisor or to co-workers.  However, some employees choose to share this kind of information with others.  Employees who voluntarily share medical information with co-workers should consider that it may be passed on to others.  The information should still be treated as confidential. 

A dean, department head, supervisor, or any other person who has participated in the evaluation or implementation of an accommodation request must not share information about an employee's medical condition or disability with other employees. Do not inform other employees that an accommodation is being provided because of a co-worker's medical condition or disability.


If an employee wishes to make a complaint about how the accommodation request was handled, or about perceived discrimination based on the disability and/or request for accommodation, the steps in the Discrimination/Complaint Procedure should be followed.