Performance Management

Performance management is more than an annual evaluation. It’s a year-round process designed to help you achieve your highest potential in your role at Northern Michigan University. It’s all about two-way communication. It’s not only WHAT you do – your goals and key accountabilities, it’s also HOW you do your job – values, competencies, and success factors. 

At NMU, we believe that employees and managers who work together to understand expectations, set goals, plan work, assess, and revise get better results. This interactive process continues throughout the year and includes periodic feedback sessions and a written year-end review.

Online Performance Management System

NMU has partnered with PageUp to create an electronic, stream-lined performance management system. The online system allows employees and managers to set goals and expectations, record journal entries to capture year-round progress notes, and complete self-reviews and annual evaluations.

PageUp Features
  • Access to online goal setting and evaluation features.
  • Record performance notes throughout the year using online journaling features.
  • Employee option to complete a self-review.
  • Online review and acknowledgment of the annual evaluation.
  • Access to past reviews completed through the PageUp Performance Management System.

Performance Management Cycle

All employees are to be formally evaluated at least once during each fiscal year* (July 1 to June 30). These evaluations are to be completed by July 31 of each year.

  • Setting Goals & Values: Employees and managers will receive an email notification to establish goals/projects for the upcoming year. Employees may add any professional development goals. Managers will also identify values and competencies which are key to the employee's success in the position.
  • Ongoing communication & feedback: Regular, formal and informal, on-going discussions to review progress towards goals and projects. Online journaling options available.
  • Employee Self-Review: Employees have the opportunity to complete self-evaluations to reflect and provide comment on accomplishments of the past year.
  • Annual Evaluation: Managers write the annual evaluation for each direct report and meet to discuss the employee's performance. Final evaluations is acknowledged and the process is complete.

* Other evaluation periods may be used with the approval of the Human Resources.

Training Resources

Visit the training webpage to get an overview of the system and to access guides specific to each step of the process. The page offers:

  • Written and video instructions
  • Recordings of past forum training sessions
  • FAQs


Renee Sheen

Associate Director, Employee Experience 906-227-2331

Rhea Dever

Vice President of People, Culture and Well-being 906-227-2333