Terms & Definitions

Approval Category – Approval Categories represent the different types of EPAFs that can be selected by the EPAF originator based on the purpose of the specific personnel action.  The EPAF originator selects a person, a position number, and an EPAF Approval Category to originate an EPAF transaction.

Originator – A person who creates the EPAF transaction, such as the department administrative assistant.  The originator submits the EPAF transaction for further action by the approvers designated in the routing queue.

EPAF Originator Summary – A summary page that is available to all EPAF originators to check the status of EPAF transactions they have created.  The EPAF Originator Summary has two tabs:

  • The Current tab displays EPAF transactions that require action by you as the originator with transaction statuses of Waiting or Return for Correction.
  • The History tab displays EPAF transactions that have already been submitted by you as the originator within the past 12 months and no longer require action.