As a separating employee, you have valuable information to provide for helping future employees. The University requests that you complete a brief exit survey. We seek your honest feedback. Your input is key to improving our employment environment. The focus of this survey is to learn the reasons you chose to leave this position. Your responses to this survey are confidential and cannot be shared with the public, if requested. Your survey responses will NOT become part of your personnel file.
The race and gender questions help with demographic studies but are not required
Indicate which of the following contributed to your decision to leave. (Please check all that apply.)
What did you think of your supervision in regard to the following?
Demonstrated fair and equal treatment
Provided recognition on the job
Fostered cooperation and teamwork
Encouraged/listened to suggestions
Resolved complaints and problems
Followed policies and practices
Communicated effectively
Was competent and credible
How would you rate the following in relation to your job?
Teamwork within your department
Teamwork across other departments
Tools and resources needed to do your job effectively
Safe equipment and procedures
Morale in your department
Personal job satisfaction
Training you received
Growth potential
Union representation (if applicable)
Was your work load usually:
How did you feel about your salary and the employee benefits?
Hourly rate/salary
Medical plan
Dental/Vision plan
Tuition Scholarship
Leave Time:
Family Care
Life insurance
Are there any other benefits you feel should be offered?
Would you like to meet with a university representative to discuss your responses?