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This first step in the recruitment and selection process is critical.  This is the step during which the work is reviewed and decisions are made about how to accomplish all the work that needs to be completed.  Quality is crucial at this step because so much of the cash outlay to follow is dependent on the outcomes here. 

You may find that you will identify work that is no longer needed, that hand-offs can be minimized, or that your current staff has talents or interests that you were unaware of.  The outcome of this step is a clear definition of how the work of the group can be accomplished most efficiently (in terms of timing and cost) and effectively (in terms of quality, quantity, and customer satisfaction).

If you determine that a position does need to be filled through the recruitment and selection process, this step will help you determine what duties the incumbent will carry out, what knowledge, skills, and abilities are necessary for carrying out the duties, the level of experience or education required to do so, and any key points that will lead to both a successful search AND a successful employee.

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