Northern Michigan University is committed to supporting faculty, staff, and students who are nursing. NMU will provide space, privacy, and time for those who are nursing to express breast milk in accordance with federal and state laws to:

  • Allow reasonable, unpaid breaks to express breast milk for one year after the child’s birth
  • Provide a private location, other than a bathroom, shielded from view, with a door that can be locked from the inside. The room should be equipped with a chair and a table and an electrical outlet. The room should also be in close proximity to a sink with hot and cold water.

Personal office space

Generally, it is expected if an employee has their own private office with a door and is shielded from public view, the employee will use their office as their lactation space. If the office is not completely private NMU will make every reasonable effort to alter the space as necessary. The employee should contact Human Resources to request any accommodation.

Campus lactation rooms

If an employee does not have, or is unable to use, a private office space, NMU provides the designated wellness rooms listed below. These rooms are not scheduled. Each space is equipped with an "In Use" door sign. Please keep the space neat and orderly and report any issues to Human Resources at

If there is not an existing lactation room within a walk of your work space/classroom, the university will make every reasonable effort to identify an appropriate space.

Campus Lactation Rooms

Room 104. Located on the first floor, just beyond the elevators and restrooms. Nearest restrooms with running water are rooms 106 and 108.

Room 310. Located on the third floor, above the main Library lobby. This room is equipped with a sink. The nearest restrooms with running water are rooms 315 and 316.

Room 1318B. Located on the first floor floor down the hall from Starbucks. The nearest restrooms with running water are rooms 1314 and 1316.

Room 216. Located on the second floor in the faculty office hallway. The nearest restrooms with running water are located in the 2nd floor lobby, rooms 247 and 248. 

Contact Us

Renee Sheen

Associate Director, Human Resources 906-227-2331