Excellence in Service Award Recipients

Andy Buckmaster - Plant Operations
Dan Cullen - Institutional Effectiveness
T Hamari - Dining Services
Janet Koski - Equal Opportunity
Sherida Riipi - Clinical Sciences
Jeff Roo - Printing Services
Jean Shaw - Dining Services
Nicole Walton - Broadcast & Audio Visual Services

Kristin Demboski - Health Center
Brad Hamel - Extended Learning & Community Engagement
Kim Hegmegee - Safety Department
Daryl Johnson - Plant Operations
Jason Laxo - Health Center
Claudia Mankee - Admissions
Glenda Ross - Plant Operations
Chele Sproull - Plant Operations
LuAnne Thurston - Nursing

Jill Compton - Internal Audit & Risk Management
Lee Gould - Safety Department
Kyle Hawn - Housing & Residence Life
Kimberly Hongisto - Human Resources
Dody Huuki - Counseling & Consultation Services
Jeffrey Koval - Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services
Bridget Kyle - Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports
Maia Ogea - Health Center
Clayton Root, Jr. - Plant Operations

Patrick Bawden - Plant Operations
Mark Burns - Plant Operations/Steam Plant
Teresa Bischof - Clinical Sciences
Kathy Malay - Intercollegiate Athletics/Rec Sports
Gretchen DeVroy - Human Resources
Thomas Gilespie - LIS/Instructional Design Technology
Jessica Jones - NMU Foundation
Chris Greer - Dean of Students

Kathy Frazier - Controllers Office
Don Korpi - Dining Services
Mike Lozier - Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports
Jan Nolan - Health Center
Patti Rizzio - NMU Police Department
Paul Schoonveld - Dining Services
Janelle Taylor - Graduate Education and Research

Melissa Alan Matuscak - School of Art & Design
Mike Bath - Public Safety & Police Services
Patrice Keskey - Plant Operations
Kerry Mohr - Housing & Residence Life
Ann Parent - Center for Student Enrichment
Deb Pietrangelo - Dining Services
Kelsey Potes - University Marketing & Communications
Don Salo - IT & Technical Services

Hans Ahlstrom - Learning Resources Division
Molly Anderson - AIS-Library
Peter Holliday - Student Support Services
Hannah Lewis - Center for Student Enrichment
Dan Lynch - Dining Services
Jana Nicholls - Earth, Environmental & Geographical Sciences
Brandon Sager - Engineering & Planning
Don Sibilsky - Plant Operations

Robin Aho - Health Center
Shirley Brozzo - MERC
Tom Erspamer - Facilities and Plant Operations
Kelly Healy - Health Center
John Marra - AdIT
Mindy Nannestad - Dean of Students
Thomas Olson - Plant Operations
Dr. Susy Ziegler - Earth, Environmental, and Geographical Sciences

Ben Constance - Facilities
Carolyn Lawrence - Dean of Students
Steve LaBar - Engineering and Planning
W. Kevin Stulz - Admissions
Sandy Haavisto - Controller
Luke Guindon - Public Safety and Police Services
Keith Greising - AIS-Library
LuAnne Crupi - Graduate Education and Research

Susan M. Henderson - Sociology and Anthropology
Michelle R. Inman - Communications and Performance Studies
Michael W. Lakenen - Learning Resources
Christopher L. Lewis - Business Intelligence and Information Services
Susan A. Morgan - International Programs
Daniel P. O'Neill - Housing and Residence Life
Kathy A. Richards - Engineering and Planning
Suzanne M. Trdan - Dining Services

Grace E. Albert - Psychology
Michele T. Bertucci - Plant Operations
Mary A. Brundage - Dean of Students
Max D. Graves - Learning Resources Division
Grant R. Guston - Learning Resources Division
Nicole L. Norman - Public Safety and Police Services
Matthew R. O'Donnell - Plant Operations
Paul A. Wright - Bookstore

John Barch - Center for Student Enrichment
Andrew Beaulieu - Learning Resources Division
Gregory Carrier - Public Safety and Police Services
Christi Etelamaki - Health, Physical Education and Recreationand NMU Foudnation
June Nelson - Human Resources
Anita Oakland - Dining Services
Linda Riipi - Clinical Sciences
James Thams - Engineering and Planning

Sten Fjeldheim - Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Carl Holm - Housing and Residence Life
Sarah Stanley - Learning Resources Division
Michael Turino - Academic and Career Advisement Center
Andrea L. Wrubel - School of Art and Design

Della Cheney - Clinical Sciences
Lynne Gerhardt - School of Education, Leadership and Public Service
Linda Hares - Academic Affairs
Dean Schmeltzer - Plant Operations
Andrew Smentkowski - Grants and Research
Lindsay Sparks - Housing and Residence Life
Paula Supanich - Plant Operations

John Frick - Career Services
Rachel Harris - Center for Student Enrichment
Kimberly Hegmegee - Communication and Performance Studies
Cara Kamps - Center for Student Enrichment
Angela Maki - International Programs
Robyn Stille - NMU Foundation

John Basolo - Central Receiving
Arthur Gischia - Purchasing
John Hambleton - AIS/Library
Michael Kaurala - USOEC
Bernadette Norden - Center for Student Enrichment
Carl Pace - Facilities Operations
Tim Schmeltzer - Housing & Residence Life
Sue Young - Criminal Justice

Lisa Alto – Housing and Residence Life
Carol Bergman – Provost
Daniel Hakala – Plant Operations
Pat Lakenen – AV Services
Dave Maki – AdIT
Dr. Thomas Schacht – Health Center
Don Wernholm – Housing and Residence Life
Stan Wright – WNMU-FM

Dave Bonsall - Student Activities and Leadership Programs
Kathryn Dawe - Registrar
Therese Johnson - Nursing
Brian Larson - Administrative Information Technology/Consulting and Support Services
Kristen Rasmussen - Admissions
Eric Smith - Learning Resources Division

University Team Award Recipients

2022/2023 Blizzard Response Team: Patrick Bawden, Andy Buckmaster, Tom Dagenais, Gregory Ely, Brad Gischia, Jesse Hanford, Daryl Johnson, James Murray, Jacob Nease, Terry Norman, David Raudio, Jeffrey Skoog, Andy Smith

Berry Events Center Conversion Team: Bob Erspamer, Kevin Price, Rick Schwemin, David Wiegand

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): John Bruggink, Mlado Ivanovic, Erich Ottem, Amber LaCrosse, Jill Leonard, Adam Prus, Daniel Rowe, Tesse Sayen, Chelsey Sundberg, Janelle Taylor, Dawn Sheffield, Kim Larson

Mail Services & Warehouse: Michelle Lane, Eric Marcott

Experience Northern: Lauren Anargyros, Neil Baumgartner, Mary Brundage, Tricia Bush, Gerri Daniels, Lucas Dushack, Jim Gadzinski, Kari Garcia, Chris Greer, Alden Griffus, Cat Hardenbergh, Rachel Harris, Kate Hooper, Katie Korpi, Simon Moesch, Tara Schafer, Paul Schoonveld, Nicole Shoup

Homecoming Awards Show 2021: Kylie Bunting, Lizzie Corser, Bill Digneit, Forrest Karr, Bridget Kyle, Mike Lakenen, Pat Lakenen, Cindy Paavola, David Pierce, Robyn Stille

I Share NMU: Lexie Belles, John Eagle, Bob Hanson, Michael Harrington, Nikki Loehr, Haley Rhoades

Superior Dome Athletics Facilities Consolidation/Realignment Team: Robert Bell, Joanna Emigh, Bob Gravedoni, Bridget Kyle, Christy Lake, Kathy Malay, Casey O'Neill, Brandon Sager, David Wiegand

Admissions Events Committee: Christina R. Carr, Allison E. Frorenza, Kate E. Hooper, Jeffrey D. Koval, Alyssa J. Lambert, Kimberly J. Randolph, William B. Richards

Arts & Athletics Showcase for Homecoming 2020: Kylie A. Bunting, Erin E. Colwitz, William J. Digneit, Michael T. Forester, Jill E. Grundstrom, Katherine M. Harvath, Michael W. Lakenen, Christine H. Lenzen, Jason P. Schneider, Ryan Stephens, Robyn L. Stille

HLC 4-Year Review Team: Daniel P. Cullen, Jason J. Nicholas, Kathryn R. Johnson, Joanne S. Sved, Shaun O. Thunell

Passport to Campus Team: Cathy A. Andrew, Jill M. Compton, Carolyn E. Corser, Christopher M. Danik, Lee M. Gould, Kimberly A. Hegmegee, Sarah J. Jennings, Christopher J. Kirkpatrick, Scott W. Krah, Paul B. Mann, Cindy L. Paavola, Kristi J. Robinia

Spalding Hall Isolation / Quarantine Team: Jonathan P. Bauers, Garrett J. Brugman, Megan M. DeChambeau, Kash Dhanapal, Rick J. Doucette, John A. Eagle, Alden M. Griffus, Kyle A. Hawn, Christopher J. Kirkpatrick, Brett S. Nelson, Jason M. Laxo, Daniel R. Lynch, Kris A. Patterson, Glenda J. Ross, Timothy J. Schmeltzer, Paul R. Schoonveld, Traci Belair

Website Redesign Team: Brooke Burlingame, Carley L. Herro, Eric S. Johnson , Michael S. Kinnunen, Thomas N. O’Connell, Sarah A. O’Neill, Kelsey M. Potes, Rebecca A. Tavernini, Savannah J. Wheeler, Tom Dutcher, Josh Martinez, Lauren Rotundo, Brianna Sartin   

Event Ticketing Team: Jerome Anderson, Roberta Burke, Christopher Danik, William Digneit, Allison Erickson, Christine Lake, Karl Mulder, Keith O'Brien, William Richards

Global Campus: Dan Freeborn, Brad Hamel, Carly Harrington, Mindy Nannestad, Steve VandenAvond

Green & Gold Gala Committee: William Digneit, Marina Dupler, Christi Etelamaki, Laura Gannon, Laura Glover, Andrew Hill, Carol Johnson, Patrick Lakenen, David Nyberg, Elizabeth Peterson, Kelsey Potes ,Carley Saint-Onge, Robyn Stille, Daniell Truckey

NMU Theater & Dance - Theatre For All Initiative: William Digneit, Jill Grundstrom, David Pierce, Shelley Russel, Paul Truckey, Lex van Blommestein

BEAR Center Team: Grace Albert (Psychological Science), Jeremy Biesbrouck (Psychological Science), Jacob Daar (Psychological Science), Suzanne Hintsala (Psychological Science), Victoria Mattson (Psychological Science), Kyle Rowsey (Psychological Science), Ashley Shayter (Psychological Science)

EAN Site Development & Construction Team: Mark Pantti (Information Technology & Technical Services), Don Salo (Information Technology & Technical Services), Chad VanderPloeg (Information Technology & Technical Services)

Northern Lights Dining Team: Scott Bonsall (Dining Services), Carolyn Brecht (Dining Services), Heidi Carter (Dining Services), Derek Estes (Dining Services), Kathy Gischia (Dining Services), Shane Hawkins (Dining Services), Lisa Inch (Dining Services), Lee Kitzis (Dining Services), Tammy Leedle (Plant Operations), Dan Lynch (Dining Services), Chris Matthews (Dining Services), Ryan Mingay (Dining Services), Steven Moody (Dining Services), Anita Oakland (Dining Services), Marie Schieler (Dining Services), Jean Shaw (Dining Services), Maria Toyra (Dining Services), Julie Wnuk (Plant Operations)

Forensic Anthropology Program and FROST Team: David Bammert (NMU Foundation), Mike Bath (Public Safety & Police Services), Scott Demel (Sociology/Anthropology), Michael Harrington (Criminal Justice), Deanna Hemmila (Office of the President), Dale Kapla (Academic Affairs), Alan McEvoy (Sociology/Anthropology), Charlie Mesloh (Criminal Justice), Kerri Schuiling (Academic Affairs), Jim Thams (Engineering and Planning), Jane Wankmiller (Sociology/Anthropology)

Medicinal Plant Team: Brandon Canfield (Chemistry), Dale Kapla (Academic Affairs), Mark Paulsen (Chemistry), Janet Syria (Chemistry), Lesley Williams (Chemistry), Rob Winn (School of Arts & Sciences)

Starfish Implementation Team: Heidi Blanck (College of Technology & Occupational Sciences), Mary Brundage (Dean of Students), Kathryn Dawe (Registrar), Sarah Clarke (School of Health & Human Performance), Allison Erickson (Business Intelligence & Information Services), Jim Gadzinski (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Mike Kowalczyk (Mathematics & Computer Science), Kyle Lannon (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Christine Larson (Financial Aid), James Marquardson (College of Business), Bill Richards (Business Intelligence & Information Services)

The Woods Phase 2 Transition Team: Rocco Carello (Business Intelligence & Information Services), Justine Defever (Housing & Residence Life), Andrea Hammond (Housing & Residence Life), Grant Langdon (Housing & Residence Life), Alexandra Marshall (Housing & Residence Life), Kerry Mohr (Housing & Residence Life), Travis Reamer (Housing & Residence Life), Lexi Wieringa (Housing & Residence Life)

Centralized Advising Team: Jim Gadzinski (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Megan DelBello (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Mark Dellangelo (Academic and Career Advisement Center), José Garcia (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Peter Holliday (Student Support Services), Kyle Lannon (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Tory Mattson (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Katy Morrison (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Josh Santiago (Student Support Services), Sarah Santiago (Academic and Career Advisement Center), Linda Sirois (Student Support Services), Michele Stephenson (Academic and Career Advisement Center),

Chorale Video Team:  Rusty Bowers (Music), Erin Colwitz (Music), Josh LeClair (Marketing & Communications), Mark Shevy (Communication & Performance Studies)

Online Fellows Program – Center for Teaching and Learning:  Stacey DeLoose (AIS – Instructional Design Technology), Tom Gillespie (AIS – Instructional Design Technology), Scott Smith (AIS – Instructional Design Technology), Matt Smock (AIS – Instructional Design Technology)

Preventive Maintenance Team:  Esko Alasimi (Plant Operations), Carl Bammert (Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports), Chris Busch (Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports), Ben Constance (Plant Operations), Tom DePetro (Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports), Tom Helgren (Auxiliary Services), Cheryl LaJoye (Plant Operations), Greg Lynn (Plant Operations), Travis Reamer (Housing & Residence Life), Tim Schmeltzer (Housing & Residence Life), Josh Wasilewski (Plant Operations), Don Werholm (Housing & Residence Life)

Campus Snow Removal Team: Terry Eilders (Supervisor, Plant Operations), Andy Buckmaster (Plant Operations), Joe Dagenais (Plant Operations), Brad Gischia (Plant Operations), Veikko Heikkinen (Plant Operations), George MaDosh (Plant Operations), Terry Norman (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports), Dave Raudio (Plant Operations), Jim Robare (Plant Operations), Brian Schmeltzer (Plant Operations), Dean Schmeltzer (Plant Operations), Jeff Skoog (Plant Operations)

Course Registration Waiting List: Joshua Cook (Business Intelligence – Information Services), Janice Crawford (Business Intelligence – Information Services), Kathy Dawe (Registrar), Brian A. Larson (Business Intelligence – Information Services), Brian E. Maniko (Business Intelligence – Information Services), Kim Rotundo (Registrar), Michael D. Truscott (Registration and Scheduling)

Custom Online Application Team: Jerome Anderson (Information Technology), Tony Bertucci (Information Technology), Brian Larson (Information Technology), Kay Manderscheid (Admissions), W. Kevin Stultz (Admissions)

Detecting and Deterring Plagiarism with VeriCite: Stacey M. DeLoose (Academic Information Services – Instructional Design Technology), Christopher L. Lewis (Business Intelligence – Information Services)

Ripley Combined Heat and Power Plant: Greg Shirtz (Plant Operations), Gisele Duehring (Facilities), Dave Raikko (Plant Operations), Joseph Mattson (Plant Operations), John Timonen (Plant Operations), Mark Burns (Plant Operations), Dave Dahlstrom (Plant Operations).

Jamrich Hall Custodial Team: Paula Supanich (Plant Operations), Liam O'Day (Plant Operations), Pam Phillips (Plant Operations), John Timonen Jr.(student worker), Beyonca Gravedoni (Plant Operations), Allen Squires (Plant Operations).

Technology Innovation Award for electronic transcript ordering and delivery: Kathy Dawe (Registrar), Kim Rotundo (Registrar), Kimber Olli (Registrar), Tony Bertucci (Business Intelligence-Information Services), Donn Wolf (Information Technology and Technical Services).

Technology Innovation Award for the audio-visual design in Jamrich Hall: Jeff Koval (Learning Resources), Matt Smock (AIS Instructional Design and Technology), Scott Smith (AIS Instructional Design and Technology), Dave Maki (Information Technology and Tech Services), Eric Smith (Learning Resources), Ronny Paris (Information Technology and Tech Services), Pat Lakenen (Learning Resources), Andrew Beaulieu (Learning Resources), Don Duquette (Information Technology and Tech Services), John Marra (Information Technology and Tech Services), Bryant Varney (AIS Instructional Design and Technology). 

Live Well, Wildcats, Student Health 101:  Michael Bath (Public Safety and Police Services), William Bernard (Academic Affairs), David Bonsall (Center for Student Enrichment), Adam Burri (Health Center), Sharon Carey (Dining Services), Barbara Coleman (Health, Physical Education and Recreation), Janice Crawford (Information Technology-Information Services), Rachel Harris (Center for Student Enrichment), David Luoma (Health Center), Don Peterman (Public Safety and Police Services), Stephanie Raboin (Dining Services), Robin Rahoi (Dining Services), Leonard Shible (Health Promotion), and Harvey Wallace (College of Professional Studies).

Online NMU Foundation Scholarship Application and Selection Process:  Lara Clifton-Rice (Financial Aid), Candace Ingalls (Financial Aid), Brian Larson (Information Technology-Information Services), and Robyn Stille (NMU Foundation).

Development Education Advisory Committee Team:  Carol Anderson (English), Carol Bell (Math and Computer Science), Ken Culp (Math and Computer Science), Paul Duby (Institutional Research), James Gadzinski (ACAC), Gwendolyn Hetler (Math and Computer Science), Rosanne Parks (Math and Computer Science), and Laura Soldner (English)

Scholar's Committee for Anthology, "Voices on the Water:  Great Lakes Native American Now" Team:  Shirley Brozzo (MERC), Grace Chaillier (Center for Native American Studies), Echoe Deibert (Community Member), Amy Hamilton (English), Michael Letts (School of Art and Design), April Lindala (Center for Native American Studies), Cindy Paavola (Communications and Marketing), Jaspal Singh (English), and Rebecca Tavernini (Communications and Marketing)

NMU WiMax Team:  Donald Duquette, Kim Erickson, John Marra, Ronny Paris, Stephanie Penhale, and Donald Salo (Information and Technology/Technical Services)

Public Services, Lydia M. Olson Library:  Molly Anderson, Douglas Black, Michael Burgmeier, Mary Freier, Kathleen Godec, Diane Goethe, Martin Hill, Michell Kimball, Kevin McDonough, Keith Rebec, Bruce Sarjeant, Michael Strahan, SaraJane Tompkins, Ernie Young (Acadmic Information Services/Library)

Olympic Trials and World Cup Organizing Committee:  Kate Annala (NMU Student), Ian Astle (NMU Student), Carl Bammert (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports), Christopher Busch (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports), David Donovan (Physics), Michael Fields (U.S. Olympic Education Center), Alice Gustafson (NMU Student), Kimberly Hegmegee (Communication and Performance Studies), Jennifer Henry (NMU Student), Andrea Hitt (NMU Student), Summer Kanniainen-Hadden (NMU Student), Michael Kaurala (U.S. Olympic Education Center), David Klumb (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Sports), Christine Lake (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Sports), Michael Lakenen (Learning Resource Division), Patrick Lakenen (Learning Resource Division), Jacquelyn Lange (NMU Student), Han Lee (NMU Student), David Lucas (Physics), Jeffrey Mincheff (Public Safety and Police Services), Marc Olson (NMU Student), Cindy Paavola (Communications and Marketing), Shelley Russell (Communications and Performance Studies), Kerri Schuiling (School of Nursing), Richard Schwemin (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports), Marlie Shelton (NMU Student), Eric Smith (Learning Resources Division), Anne Stark (Communications and Marketing), Susan Tollefson (U.S. Olympic Education Center), Tony Tollefson (U.S. Olympic Education Center), Brandon Westman (NMU Student), Bret Zorza (Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports)

NMU Golf Course Team:  Arthur Gischia (Business/Auxiliary Services), Thomas Helgren (University Center), Jerome Anderson (Administrative Information Technology/Technical Services), Wayne Gibbs (Golf Course), Sandra Haavisto (Controllers Office), Lorraine Hillock (University Center/Conference and Catering), Eric Johnson (Communications and Marketing), Brian Larson (Administrative Information Technology/Consultation and Support Services), Todd Miilu (Auxiliary Services), Janet Paquette-Christensen (University Center), and Carrie Rabitaille (Auxiliary Services)

Academic Service Learning Advisory Board:  Michael Andary (Technology & Occupational Sciences), David Bonsall (Center for Student Enrichment), Leslie Cory  (Technology & Occupational Sciences), Paul Duby (Institutional Research), Charles Ganzert (Communication & Performance Studies), Rachel Harris(Center for Student Enrichment), Nelly Kupper (Modern Languages and Literatures), April Lindala (Center for Native American Studies), Elizabeth Monske (English), Katy Morrison (Center for Student Enrichment), Walter Niebauer (Communication & Performance Studies), Sandra Poindexter (College of Business), Mary Ellen Powers (Nursing), Judith Puncochar (School of Education, Leadership and Public Service), Kia Richmond (English) , Terrance Seethoff (College of Arts and Sciences), Carol Steinhaus (College of Business), Heidi Steveson (Health, Physical Education and Recreation), Ronald Sundell (Geography)

School of Technology and Applied Sciences Staff:  Beth Sanderson, Kathryn Solka, Janet Syria

United Conference: Max Graves (Learning Resources); Linda Johnson (Multicultural Education & Resource Center); Mitchell Klett (School of Education, Leadership and Public Service); Janet Koski (Equal Opportunity); April Lindala (Center for Native American Studies); Judy Marra (Conference & Catering Services); Cindy Paavola (Communications); and Judy Puncochar (School of Education, Leadership and Public Service)

USOEC China Management Team:  Bill Bergin, Tony DeAnda, Mike Fields, Shannyn Gillespie, Jim Gruenwald, Ivan Ivanoc, Michael Kaurala, Jackie Lange, Al Mitchell, Sue Tollefson and Tony Tollesfson (all from USOEC)

Learning Resources Center custodial staff: Matthew O’Donnell, Sandra Dagenais, and Ryan Healy.

Van Antwerp Hall renovation project team: Tom Argetsinger and Brandon Sager (Engineering and Planning); Carl Holm and Kim Rotundo (Housing and Residence Life); and Art Gischia (Purchasing)

Innovation Award Recipients

Individual Award:

Kylie Bunting - Alumni Relations
Sean Penglase - Physics


Team Award:

Educational Success Platform (ESP) Development Team: Neil Baumgartner, Chris Danik, Jim Gadzinski, Jose Garcia, Bill Richards, Lu Zhang

Individual Award:

Ruth Abbott - Library/Instructional Support

Kurt Hauswirth - Broadcast & Audio-Visual Services

Dr. Madison Ngafeeson - W.L. Cisler College of Business


Team Award:

NMU Wild Pups Team: Michelle Andriacchi, Dominic Andriacchi, Casey Hopper, Katie Taylor, Rachel Nye, Anne Stein

Individual Award: Christopher M. Danik - Business Intelligence & Information Services

Team Award: NMU COVID-19 Dashboard Team: Michael J. Bath, Anthony P. Bertucci, Christopher M. Danik, Christopher J. Kirkpatrick, Genevieve R. Morgan, Cindy L. Paavola

EAN Support Team: Ben Chaney, Chris Lewis

Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois

Studio 102: Amy Barnsley (Mathematics & Computer Science), Stacey DeLoose (LIS/Instructional Design Technology), Kim Hegmegee (Safety Department), Mike Lakenen (Broadcast & Audio Visual Services), Evan Lucas (College Technical & Occupational Sciences), Eric Smith (Broadcast  & Audio Visual Services), Matt Smock (LIS/Instructional Design Technology), Steve VandenAvond (Extending Learning & Community Engagment)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Management: Dr. Brian Zinser