UltraWeb can be accessed through a direct link when logging in to MyNMU

Pop-up blockers may cause issues when using ultratime.  Please follow the instructions below to allow pop-ups from UltraWeb.

  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Pop-Up Blockers
  • Click on Pop-Up Blocker Settings
  • Type the following in the Address of Web Site to Allow: ultraweb.nmu.edu
  • Click on the Add Button or Hit Enter

Use the following formats to enter time:

  • Seven thirty pm would be:  730p  or  7:30p   or   1930
  • Nine am would be:  9a   or   9:00a   or   0900

Time worked should be entered into the gray section only and not the blue fields.

Follow the steps below to enter your time worked.

  1. Click in the start column on the line for the day you had worked.
  2. Enter the start time using one of the formats above.
  3. Use the tab key to navigate to the stop column
  4. Enter the stop time using one of the formats above.
  5. Click on the Drop-Down Arrow in the Position column and select the appropriate position code
  6. Click APPLY to save the entry

If a mistake is made, your supervisor will have to log into UltraTime to correct the error.