Friday 29, 2009
MARQUETTE, Mich.— WNMU-TV at Northern Michigan University is no longer transmitting an analog signal on Channel 13. The station had to take the signal off the air to make changes to its antenna that will facilitate the required switch to digital broadcasting. WNMU-TV is scheduled to complete the conversion sometime Wednesday, June 3.

Charter cable customers are not affected by this outage and, along with Marquette's Channel 33 viewers, will be able to continue viewing Channel 13 during this transition period with no interruptions.

"If viewers try to tune in and don't find us, it's because we're making the final switch to digital," said Eric Smith, director of broadcast and audio/visual services at NMU. "People watching channel 13 using an antenna will want to make sure their TV is capable of receiving digital signals. Antenna viewers will need to rescan their converter or digital TV to find the new digital channel 13 once we resume broadcasting on Wednesday."

All U.S. television stations are required to convert to digital signals by the June 12 deadline. Some, like WNMU-TV, made the decision to complete the process earlier.

Kristi Evans
News Director