Monday 8, 2009
WNMU-TV at Northern Michigan University has completed the conversion to digital broadcasting ahead of the June 12 deadline required of all U.S. television stations.

WNMU now offers three channels instead of one: 13.1, which features the same PBS and locally produced programming as the previous analog Public TV 13 channel; 13.2, which has high-definition (HD) material; and 13.3, or WNMU Plus, with expanded PBS content such as delayed feeds from the West Coast, so viewers who may miss programs because of the time difference have an opportunity to catch them on alternate schedules.

“In order to receive digital signals, antenna viewers will need either a digital converter box for their old sets or they will need to purchase a new digital television and scan for the appropriate channel,” said Eric Smith, director of broadcast and audio/visual services at NMU.

Because WNMU-FM, or Public Radio 90, shares the same tower as its television counterpart, the radio station was shut off temporarily while TV transmitter work was completed. Public Radio 90 is now back on the air.

For more information on the digital conversion, call WNMU-TV at (800) 227-9668.

Kristi Evans
News Director