Monday 10, 2009
                Northern Michigan University has selected a new group of students to participate in the Student Leader Fellowship Program. The SLFP is a two-year program that focuses on leadership development and community service.

During the program students participate in fall retreats, a leadership theory and practice class and Skill Builder! workshops. In the first year, fellows are matched with community mentors. Participants then plan, organize and implement a community service internship to complete the program.

The following students have been accepted for the program (hometowns listed alphabetically and parents’ names in parentheses):


Almont: Jolie Wycinski, a freshman undeclared major (Jeff and Joni Wycinski); Bay City: Megan Forrest, a sophomore diagnostic genetics major (Alan and Lisa Forrest); Napoleon: Ryan Haskell, a sophomore history and political science major (Andrea and Charles Haskell); Boyne City: Allison Aown, a freshman biology and physiology major (Al and Tina Aown);

Calumet: Summer Kannianinen-Hadden, a freshman international studies and french major (Tina Kannianinen and Dan Hadden); Caro: Hannah Kratz, a freshman undeclared major (Jim and Cathy Kratz); Escanaba: Alyssa Bersine, a freshman English writing major (Louis and Marie Bersine); Zachary Fix, a freshman education major (Paul and Jodi Fix); Fife Lake, Ferrin Bridson, a sophomore international studies major; Freeland: Renee Smith, a sophomore elementary education major (David and Peggy Smith); Christopher Windy, a sophomore biology and physiology major (Patricia and Stanley Windy);

Gaylord: Crystal Falvo, a senior electronic imaging major (Sheila Markle and Charles Falvo); Gladstone: Brittany Wise, a junior special education major (Judy and Gunter Wise); Grand Blanc: George Peterman, a freshman graphic communications major (Stacey and George Peterman); Grand Rapids: Morton Harwood, a sophomore sports science major (Mort and Kathy Harwood); Thomas Lilly, a freshman global information systems major (Gail and Randy Lilly); Chelsea Oberlin, a freshman nursing major (Diane Oberlin); Amanda Race, a freshman forensic biochemistry major (Steve and Lori Race);

Hancock: Samantha Massoglia, a junior speech, language and hearing sciences major (Colleen Greenleaf and David Massoglia); Ishpeming: Lindsay Haukkala, a freshman undeclared major (Bill and Lynn Haukkala); Kalamazoo: Thomas Carter, a freshman pre-med major (Joe and Kathy Carter); Macomb: Brittney Dodge, a freshman psychology and early childhood development major (Kelly and Robert Youngblood); Elizabeth Davis, a sophomore biology major (Mark and Lisa Davis);




Marquette: Carrie Johnson, a freshman nursing major (Bruce and Michelle Johnson); Melissa LaPointe, a sophomore finance major (Michael and Gloria LaPointe); Sarah Morrison, a freshman political science major (Amy and Scott Morrison); Erin Sikkema, a sophomore accounting and financial planning major (Andrew and Laura Sikkema); Danielle Thoune, a freshman elementary education and speech pathology major (Lorraine and Peter Thoune); Mount Pleasant: Lexi Wagner, a freshman speech, language and hearing Sciences major (Linda and Wayne Wagner);

Onaway: Benjamin Ellenberger, a sophomore athletic training major (Ray and Dianne Ellenberger); Scottville: Adrienne Garlick, a senior early childhood development; Shelby Township: Laura Thomas, a sophomore psychology and art major (Jim and Jayne Thomas); South Lyon: Emily Richardson, a freshman art education and art history major (Jay and Melanie Richardson); Sparta: Courtney Porter, a freshman psychology major (Jim and Sue Porter); Ubly: Cassandra Stephan, a sophomore public relations major (Beth Hasting and Tom Stephan);

Wallace: Tiffany Strobel, a sophomore athletic training major (Tom and Susan Brix, James and Rae Strobel); Watersmeet: Emily Fisk, a sophomore photography major (Dennis and Maggie Fisk); Wayne: Ashton Hay, a freshman undeclared major (Thomas and Cindy Hay); Westland: Amber Morneau, a freshman elementary education major (Tom and Rhonda Morneau);



Garden Grove: Cindy Huynh, a freshman biochemistry major (Trung vi Huynh)



Parker: Stefane Preston, a freshman political science and pre-law major (Christopher and Carol Preston)



Barrington: Caitlyn Barone, a freshman art and design and secondary education major (Sam and Sylvia Barone); Chicago: Laura Putwen, a freshman social work major (Christine Putwen); Orland Park: John Barkowski, a freshman zoology and microbiology major (John and Cyndy Barkowski);



Adel: Emma Carter, a freshman special education major (Vicci Stout and Jack Carter);



Woodbury: Anne Johnson, a freshman social work major (Mary Koonce and Jerry Johnson);


Green Bay: Caitlin Glendenning, a freshman biology major (Mark and Patti Glendenning); Adrian Dobson, a sophomore speech, language and hearing sciences major (Steve and Deb Dobson); Kira Jankowski, a freshman graphic communications major (Bruce and Kim Jankowski); Juneau: Sarah Leissring, a freshman sports science major (Rick and Carol Leissring);

Madison: Alex Wolfe, a freshman pre-med and biology major (Sue and Rob Wolfe); Menomonie: Corinna Korpela, a freshman undeclared major (Russ and Kris Korpela); Park Falls: Kelsey Christianson, a freshman accounting major (Tim and Jenni Christianson); Peshtigo: Nikolas Krawczyk, a freshman undeclared major (Mary Kozak-Krawczyk and Joseph Krawczyk); Wausau: Matthew Dahlke, a sophomore construction management major (Mike and Lynn Dahlke).