Monday 7, 2009
            MARQUETTE, Mich.—Several Northern Michigan University students recently attended the 20th Annual Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. The meeting took place at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois.

            The event is designed to expose undergraduate students to professional research activities. Students who attend also have the option of proposing research topics to present. The following NMU students delivered presentations: 


            Lincoln Park: Matthew Know, junior, computer science; Kingsford: Geoffrey Riutta, senior, network computing; Marquette: Axel Cisluycis, sophomore, computer science; Joshua Cook, senior, computer science; Paul Erikson, senior, economics; David Lyon, junior, computer science; Esther Su, senior, mathematics; Troy: Brian Krent, senior, computer science;


Farragut: Benjamin Wilson, senior, chemistry/ACS certified;


            Deerbrook: Bradley Schoenrock, senior, physics; North Prairie: Jaclyn Beck, senior, computer science.

            Topics and presenters were: “Effects on the Permeability of Calcium in the Presence of Polydimethylated Siloxanes Through a Semi-Permeable Membrane” by Wilson; “Analysis and 3D Visualization of Multiple Trophic Cascade Scenarios” by Cook, Knox and Krent; “A Study of Parallel Multiplication Algorithms via GPGPU” by Jaclyn Beck, David Lyon, Darren St. Amour and Esther Su; “Evolution of Motillity Patterns in Simple, Blind Organisms in a Bounded Environment” by Riutta; “Development of Electronics to Automate the Cavity Testing Process” by Schoenrock; and “Computation of Escape Times Using Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithms” by Erickson and Cisluycis.