Wednesday 2, 2011
                MARQUETTE, Mich.—Northern Michigan University will reopen and classes will resume on Thursday, Feb. 3.

NMU President Les Wong said the FBI and other agencies have indicated that there is no longer a clear and ongoing threat and that conditions are suitable to reopening the university. The investigation has revealed no evidence that the anonymous blog post originated on campus. It was discovered tonight that similarly worded messages have been directed at several other U.S. universities, recently and in a previous year.

“We would not make the decision to reopen campus if we did not feel that it is safe to do so,” said Wong. “NMU Public Safety will maintain increased patrols throughout campus as an added precaution, but we think the new information uncovered tonight diminishes the threat to NMU.”

NMU Public Safety Director Mike Bath said his department will continue to work with other agencies to assist in the investigation. NMU had received a phone tip before the university opened at 8 a.m. Wednesday of an anonymous blog post threatening harm to the campus community. Authorities assessed the threat and determined it was serious enough to warrant mobilizing the emergency communication system and closing the university.

            Bath encouraged students and employees to sign up for the university’s emergency text alert program at www.nmu.edu/alerts for future notifications. Anyone with information related to this situation is asked to contact NMU Public Safety at 906-227-2151.

Kristi Evans
News Director