CLS Club Donates to Marquette General Foundation

Thursday 8, 2012

The Clinical Lab Science Club at Northern Michigan University recently donated $350 from its annual gourmet caramel apple fundraiser to the Marquette General Foundation's "Accelerating the Future" campaign. Pictured are (from left): Autumn Lowery, CLS Club President Kate Abrahamson, Jim LaJoie of the Marquette General Foundation, Michelle Stewart and the club’s adviser, Paula Genovese. The students decided which varieties to sell on a pre-order basis, then spent a Saturday in an NMU Dining Services facility “elbow deep in caramel” dipping apples, rolling them in assorted toppings and packaging them for delivery. They sold 288 apples—double the count of their inaugural fundraiser in 2009. Half of the profits went to the foundation, with the remainder supporting club activities such as field trips and conferences.

Kristi Evans
News Director