NMU Psychology Colloquium Friday

Tuesday 13, 2012

            MARQUETTE, Mich.—The role of genetic and environmental factors on nicotine and alcohol consumption in mice will be explored at the next Northern Michigan University psychology colloquium on Friday, March 16. Joseph Gyekis, an applicant for a faculty position in the NMU psychology department, will present his research at 3 p.m. in 167 Gries Hall. The public is invited.

            Animal models confirm major genetic determinants of common complex behavioral traits, but still show large environmental contributions to variability in behavior, even among inbred mice living in strictly controlled environments. Gyekis’ dissertation focused on evaluating possible epigenetic and environmental contributions to these individual differences. He found a clear example of an age-specific and bi-directional gene-by-environment interaction in the development of an alcohol consumption trait in very closely related mouse strains.

            For more information, contact the NMU psychology department at 227-2935.

Kristi Evans
News Director