Student Winners of Intel-NMU App Contest Announced

Friday 18, 2012

MARQUETTE, Mich. —Northern Michigan University has announced the results of the second annual Intel-NMU App Programming Contest. The awards ceremony was held recently after teams of computer science students spent the previous five weeks programming promising smart phone applications using Intel technology.

The Thunder Ducks finished first for its app, “Mosaic,” a collaborative jukebox. Users connect to a digital music library and songs are played based on the number of votes. The winning team was composed of Stephanie Simpler, a junior from Gwinn; Bruce Olson, a junior from Marquette; and Steve Jarvis, a senior from Niagara, Wisc.

The second-place team, JustJoshinKurt, created the app “Best Project Planner.” The project management tool allows the user to complete tasks with comments and budget information and sync it with other team members. It was created by Kurt Kilpela, a junior from Ironwood, and Josh Fridstrom, a sophomore from Midland.

The Hylians came in third for its “Whiteboard” app, which allows two people to cooperatively draw an image.  Team members were Zac Dowd, a senior from Temperance, and Bryan Denslow, a senior from Cadillac.

The partnership between NMU and Intel has expanded beyond  the laptops issued to students as part of tuition and fees. On-campus internships allow students to test new products with direct access to Intel technical support. Intel has a research and development laboratory on Northern’s campus and hires student interns to work at its corporate headquarters in Oregon.

Lucy Hough
Student Writer