Truckey Receives Waldo Award

Friday 25, 2012

MARQUETTE, Mich. — The Northern Michigan University history department has recognized the work of Dan Truckey, director of the Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center, with the Dwight B. Waldo Award. Truckey has been influential in the establishment of the center, located in 105 Cohodas Hall at NMU, as a valued community resource for learning about history through a variety of programs and exhibits and for connecting the past with the present through cultural events that celebrate the region’s unique heritage.
“I’m honored to have received this award because I have so much respect for the faculty in the department of history, some of whom have been mentors of mine since I was a student at NMU,” Truckey said. “It’s been a pleasure collaborating with them on Beaumier Center projects and helping create ‘real world’ museum experiences for students in the history department.”
The Dwight B. Waldo Award is named after the first professor of history at Northern State Normal School. Waldo also served as the institution’s first president, from 1899 to 1904. The award is given by the NMU history department to an individual who has made “a substantial contribution that enhances the study of history at NMU.” Previous winners include Willard Cohodas, William Vandament and Michael Roy.

“I’m also very humbled by the list of amazing people who have received this award in the past,” said Truckey. “The first recipient of this award was Dr. Clifford Maier, who I worked for as a student in the NMU Archives in the late 1980s. To be on the list alongside of him and the others really is quite an honor.”
For more information, contact the history department at 227-2512 or the Beaumier U.P. Hertiage Center  at 227-3212.

Lucy Hough
Student Writer

Chet DeFonso, head of the history department, pres