People's Law School Offered

Monday 17, 2012


            MARQUETTE, Mich.— The fourth annual People’s Law School will be held over four consecutive Thursdays, beginning Sept. 27. The public is invited to attend any or all sessions presented by area attorneys. They will take place from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Negaunee High School Auditorium.

            At the first meeting on Thursday, Sept. 27, Karl Numinen will present “An Overview of Common Law and Michigan’s Justice System with a Focus on the Various Michigan Courts.” He and Sarah Henderson will also provide an overview of family law.

            The session on Thursday, Oct. 4, will feature three presentations: “Michigan’s Sunshine Laws: Keeping Governmental Decision-Making Transparent” by Steven L. Pence;  “When the Government Does Wrong” by Numinen; and “An Overview of the Work of the Probate Court” by Cheryl Hill.

            On Thursday, Oct. 11, Jim Steward and Angela Swanberg will present “What Every Older American Needs to Know About Estate Planning,” followed by Thomas Casselman’s talk, “The Life of a Criminal Defense Lawyer.”

            The last meeting on Thursday, Oct. 18, will feature “Common Real Estate Problems and an Overview of Landlord-Tenant Rights and Responsibilities,” by Kevin Koch and Lindsey Laakso. There will also be a presentation on Michigan’s no-fault law, “A Forty-Year Experiment,” by Raymond O’Dea. A graduation will take place at Midtown Bakery in Negaunee afterward. Certificates will be awarded to people who attend three or more sessions.

            The cost for four weeks of class is $25. That fee can be paid at

Lucy Hough
Student Writer