NMU Cadets Rank First in Leadership Course

Tuesday 25, 2012


            MARQUETTE—A team of seven cadets in the Northern Michigan University ROTC program recently outscored all other teams in the nation at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course in Fort Lewis, Wash. NMU Cadets exceeded course standards in all evaluations and received the highest possible evaluations from their own peers at the competition. More than 5,000 Army ROTC Cadets from 273 colleges nationwide participated.

            The Leadership Development and Assessment Course is the capstone training event for all ROTC Cadets in the United States and the largest training event that the U.S. Army conducts annually. It consists of 29 days of leadership challenges, team building events, physical exercises and military skills testing. Cadets receive formal evaluations in all areas from a U.S. Army certified board and usually spend three years training for the course.

            “I’m extremely proud of them,” Lt. Col. Kyle Rambo said of the team members. “Their results are a testament to all the hard work and commitment it takes to go above and beyond what’s expected of them. Not only does it reflect well on Northern, but it really helps shape their future in the Army.”

            The NMU ROTC cadets who participated were:

            Cities listed alphabetically.


            Clinton Township: Derek Houser; Dearborn: David Mallard; Lansing: Chelsea Farquhar; Stevenson: Erwin Marciniak; Vulcan: Paul Linsmeyer; Watersmeet: Simon Zelinski


            Melrose: Ben Rodenberg


Mackenzie Myers
Student Writer