Costa Rica Reserve Presentation, Fundraiser

Monday 1, 2013

MARQUETTE, Mich.— Northern Michigan University will hold two informational meetings about the opportunity to study and travel to Costa Rica.

The first event will be held at 7-8 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, in the Mead Auditorium. Students in the RE 495X: Ecology and Ecotourism of Costa Rica course will discuss their experience this past January in that country. Those interested in studying in Costa Rica as part of the ecology, ecotourism partnership to the Karen-Mogensen Reserve that will take place during the 2013 semester break should attend the presentation. Admission is free and open to the public.

The second event is 7-8 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at the Falling Rock Café in Munising. This presentation will include a silent auction of souvenirs and photos from Costa Rica, which will be sold to raise funds for the reserve. Admission to this event is $5.

In addition to the Karen-Mogensen Reserve, class members who went to Costa Rica in January had a chance to visit and study at Monteverde Cloud Forest, Cabo Blanco Reserve, Baulas National Marine Park and the San Luis Botanical Garden. The students represented NMU's biology; earth, environmental and geographical sciences; and health, phsycial education and recreation departments.

"Costa Rica is one of the most biologyically rich locations in the world," said David Kronk, one of the NMU instructors on the trip. "The country is very successful at attracting tourists through its many forms of ecotourism."

The students' service projects included cleaning up the construction site of a new biological research station building at the Mogensen Reserve that will soon offer laboratory and living quartres to visiting scientists; transplanting native plant seedlings at the botanical garden; helping rangers and biologists relocate black turtle eggs at the marine park to protect them from paching; and performing a beach cleanup at the Cabo Blanco Reserve.

For more information about the presentations or upcoming study abroad opportunity to Costa Rica, contact David Kronk at                               

Kyle Lynch
Student Writer