Moy's Art Selected for Exhibit

Monday 4, 2013

            MARQUETTE, Mich.—Alyssa Moy of Plainfield, Ill., is among 22 students from Michigan’s public universities selected to have works displayed in the Michigan House of Representatives’ annual "Art in the House" exhibit. She is an illustration and metalsmithing major at Northern Michigan University.

Moy’s featured piece is an illustration in graphite titled “Late Night Hours.” She described it as a snapshot of what a fashion designer’s desk might look like, with scattered objects such as a sketchbook, a fashion magazine with adhesive notes protruding from several pages, and ribbon and buttons strewn about.

“I purposely made it appear chaotic at first glance, but from that chaotic environment, fantastic creations can be born,” Moy said. “I’m really excited to have my work displayed for the public. Some people don’t realize how much work is involved in being an art major, so it’s nice to see that recognized. It’s easy to submit a piece, but to actually have it selected is completely different. I’m greatly honored."

The student art pieces are showcased in the Anderson House Office Building in Lansing.

Kristi Evans
News Director

"Late Night Hours"

Alyssa Moy