NMU Student Interns with eBay

Friday 8, 2013

            MARQUETTE— Northern Michigan University senior Heather Drangin of Cedar Springs, Mich., recently completed an internship with eBay. The computer information systems major worked at the eBay office in London..

            “I liked being able to have the opportunity to meet the people within eBay,” Drangin said. “It was a great way to network. Also, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about my major and about what I can do with my major.”

            Drangin worked with a variety of departments during her internship, including a development group that helped teams work together. She also helped with competitor comparisons to help make the website better. Drangin focused most of her attention on a new eBay processing system that will act as the information hub for all eBay sites, regardless of country. Drangin worked with eBay engineers on the site that is yet to be released. This processing system used a programming language called Structured Query Language (SQL) that she had learned in an NMU class.

             “Everything we did was written in SQL. And CIS250 is completely and totally based around SQL. Everything I had learned last semester, I used every day at work,” she said.

            Spending time in London was a part of the fun. Drangin said she and her roommates never visited the same place twice as a way to see more of the city.   

Lucy Hough
Graduate Assistant