NMU Board Reauthorizes North Star Academy Charter

Tuesday 10, 2015

The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees today voted to reauthorize NMU’s charter with North Star Academy. The contract is for two years, with a two-year extension if the academy continues making progress toward goals.

“North Star has made positive strides in academic performance, particularly reading proficiency, and we’re looking for that to translate to math as well,” said NMU President Fritz Erickson. “There have also been improvements in contract compliance, such as submitting required documentation within the prescribed timelines. The current fund balance remains a concern. Reorganization of the North Star board and administration presents an opportunity to develop new strategies for financial sustainability and to determine the future mission and vision for the academy in relation to its history.”  

Erickson said NMU could potentially partner with North Star to provide more career and technical education opportunities—similar to a middle college—for the academy’s high school students.

Roger Zappa, president of the North Star Academy board, said members are pleased with the decision to renew the charter on a multi-year basis.

“This will allow North Star Academy to focus more of its attention upon those areas that it is passionate about, including continued enhancement of our educational program for all students and their families, ranging from the pre-kindergarten Montessori level through 12th grade. We are looking forward to working closely with Northern Michigan University to optimize opportunities beneficial to both the university and North Star Academy during the term of our renewed charter.”

North Star is one of 10 public school academies chartered by NMU. The new contract goes into effect July 1.

In other action, the NMU board approved a motion to formally support the Marquette County Road Commission’s appeal of the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to deny approval for the building of County Road 595. Trustees cited concerns about student safety, given increased truck traffic through portions of campus.

Kristi Evans
News Director