Student Group Builds UP 200 Barricades

Tuesday 10, 2015

Editors: The Constructors will have one more work session from 3-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 11, at the Jacobetti Complex. Media are welcome to obtain photos/video/interviews.

The Northern Michigan Constructors, a community service-oriented student organization, is building and repairing barricades that will block off Washington Street in downtown Marquette for Friday’s start of the UP 200 sled dog race.

“We like to do what we can for the community and this benefits Marquette as a whole,” said Josh Maier, president of the group. “The race organizers are providing the materials; we’re providing the free labor. The Constructors originally built the barricades 10 or 15 years ago and they’ve gotten to the point of needing TLC or being replaced, so they approached us this year to help.”

Maier said they are building 15 new barricades. The repairs to existing structures involve replacing the end caps—or stops—that the barricade slides into. Over the years, some have dried out and cracked or broken off.

The organization has 25 registered members. Most are construction management majors or have construction experience through summer jobs during school.

Kristi Evans
News Director

Constructors work on barricades in the Jacobetti Complex