Applied Behavior Analysis Talk at NMU

Friday 13, 2015

Paul Andronis, Northern Michigan University professor and psychology department head, will present “Applied Behavior Analysis: What Is It, What's It For nd What Can We Do With It?” The presentation will begin at 3 p.m. Friday, March 20, in room 167 Gries Hall.

Behavior analysis is an approach to psychology grounded in a philosophy called radical behaviorism. The analysis of behavior in experiments has revealed how important environmental relations and historical variables exert powerful influences over behavior. The presentation will address how the application of these laboratory insights have been implemented in many areas, including in-patient and outpatient clinical settings, industrial/organizational matters, child development and gerontology. The speaker will also discuss what training behavior analysts must undergo.

This behavior analysis colloquium is sponsored by the NMU department of psychology and neuroscience. 

Katelyn Durst
Student Writer