Insurance, Risk Management Luncheon at NMU

Monday 13, 2015

Editors: Please note the April 17 registration deadline.

Northern Michigan University's College of Business will host a luncheon and panel discussion focused on the growing industry of risk management and insurance. The luncheon will take place at noon Thursday, April 23, in the Charcoal Room of the University Center. 

Governments, companies and citizens need and use insurance every day. Risk management and insurance also factors into high-profile events ranging from the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 to Somali pirates kidnapping ships.

The luncheon will provide an opportunity for students to interact with insurance professionals and faculty and receive career-related information. Discussion panelist will include Ernie Telford, alumni and founder of Amwins; Mike Hubbel, professor emeritus from Olivet College; Sean Coykendall and Rob McIntyre, The Horton Group of Wisconsin; Chris VanAble, Vast Insurance; and Bill Todd, City Insurance.

The event is free for students and $25 for community members. Registration can be completed by Friday, April 17, by calling 227-2623 or visiting For more information, contact Jody Lindberg at 227-1894.

Abby Roche
Student Writer