'Anderton's Earth Day' Event at NMU

Friday 17, 2015

MARQUETTE, Mich.— Students and faculty of Northern Michigan University’s earth, environmental and geographical sciences (EEGS) department will host “Anderton’s Earth Day,”  a special Earth Day celebration in remembrance of late professor John Anderton. The event will be held from noon to 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 22, rain or shine on the academic mall on campus.

 An array of field day events will be featured and those passing through the academic mall are encouraged to bring blankets, footballs, frisbees and good spirits to celebrate the memory of Anderton. He was a teaching and research professor in the EEGS department, who passed away unexpectedly last March, and was renowned for his passion and energy in and out of the classroom.

             “If you were fortunate enough to have a class taught by Dr. John Anderton, then you might remember the multiple times he described Earth Day at NMU when he was a student,” said a student hosting the event. “In honor of his time spent on this wonderful earth the students of the EEGS department will be hosting field day activities and show Dr. Anderton and Mother Nature that we appreciate the lessons they have taught us.”

            For more information or questions about the event please contact Kaitlyn Jones at kajones@nmu.edu

Abby Roche
Student Writer